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We now offer virtual consultations!

We now offer virtual consultations!

A virtual consultation is a few clicks away As we move through changes in our everyday lives, your health and happiness is always our priority. We’ve been optimizing our workflows and operations to keep everything as safe as possible for every patient. You can access quality care wirelessly with remote and virtual consultations. If you’ve […]

Be holiday ready with dermal fillers and botox

Botox and fillers with Dr. Cavazos can help you to look your best at the time of the year when it can be most important.  Take advantage of the fastest most effective treatments available for your fine lines, wrinkles, lips, and more. Non-invasive treatments offer safe and quick visits to the office with little to […]

We Offer the SilkPeel for Quality Skin Revitalization

Dull skin makes you look unhealthy and lackluster, and it adds years to your appearance. Whether you struggle with wrinkles and fine lines, sunspots and age spots, acne, or dry skin, you probably have been searching for an effective solution that can revitalize your skin. Your body is exposed to all kinds of environmental toxins […]

How Effective Is Laser Hair Removal?

Whether it’s thick dark hair on the arms and legs or little hairs on the upper lip, unwanted hair can be a nightmare for women. Many people have unwanted hair all over the body caused by genetics, medications, hormonal imbalance, and conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome. This unwanted hair can be removed using several methods, […]

We Offer the O Shot and the P Shot

Psychology Today listed results from studies that revealed some surprising information: -43% of women suffer from female sexual dysfunction (FSD).-25% of women fake orgasms 90% of the time.-One in three women has never experienced an orgasm.-30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation.-150 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction. These staggering statistics explain why so […]

Super C IV Therapy: A Major Vitamin C Boost

Vitamin C is naturally present in a number of different types of foods and is an indispensable dietary component. While we all know that vitamin C is a very important nutrient, most of us may not know exactly why it is important. Benefits of Vitamin C There are numerous benefits of vitamin C. It is […]

Total Skin Rejuvenation with the Trios Skin Program

One of the earliest signs of aging is deteriorating skin health. With time, our skin loses its youthfulness, which results in a number of skin issues, such as wrinkles and skin discoloration. To help people with these problems, we offer Trios Skin Program, a plan that includes three of the most effective procedures for treatment […]

With Voluma, Your Cheeks Can Regain Their Former Glory

Facial fullness is a sign of youthfulness. When you’re younger, your skin is supple and plump because of adequate hydration and collagen protein in the skin tissues. However, with age, the skin’s supply of collagen begins to dwindle. The face also loses fat from the underlying facial fat layer that normally keeps it looking full […]

SculpSure Treatments Are a Dream Come True

Getting the perfect body shape can feel impossible. Dieting and exercise don’t do much against stubborn fat, and parts of the body like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms are incredibly resistant. When strict dieting and exercise have gotten you as far as they can towards achieving your body-shaping goals, it’s time to consider SculpSure. […]

Sculpsure Offers a Noninvasive Option for Fat Reduction

If you’re reading this, then you will have heard that Sculpsure is the other side of the coin from Coolsculpting. Allow us to explain:  Coolsculpting targets stubborn areas of fat that won’t shift, regardless how healthy your eating habits are or how diligent you are about exercise.  Sculpsure does that too. So, what’s the difference? […]