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Allergy Relief

Whether they are allergic to oak trees, grass, pollen, animals, or something else, seasonal allergies make life miserable for millions of people every year. Most individuals who struggle with allergies deal with itchy eyes, runny nose, headache, coughing, rash, and a host of other problems. With the Allergy Relief IV drip therapy offered at DRC360 Spa, symptoms diminish dramatically or disappear altogether.

Our Allergy Relief IV therapy is designed to flush allergens from the body while also treating unpleasant symptoms. A licensed practitioner starts an IV that targets and reduces symptoms associated with the immunologic responses. Through the plastic catheter, an electrolyte-based solution flows into the body’s bloodstream. Using the right combination of natural medicines, people get much-needed relief quickly.

I do recommend this office to everyone! Very nice and professional staff!! I got treatment from Sierra. She is the best! Explained everything before the procedure and answered to all my questions.Thanks to her I saved money ,because she suggested me to do different procedure , than I was requesting, much cheaper one.

And Dr. C is the best doctor ever! Very caring and attentive!! Makes you feel like you are the most important person/patient ever :))

The results are beyond an expectation.

Thank you Dr.C !!! -Anonymous


Effective IV Therapy

With allergies, the allergen involved triggers an immunologic response. When this happens, the body does what it can to fight off a potential infection. The allergen also triggers several biological responses, which result in histamine and inflammation release. The muscles begin to spasm in the respiratory airway and the blood vessels become leaky, resulting in horrible symptoms.

Unfortunately, many people with seasonal allergies experience worsened symptoms after recurring exposure to allergens. Feeling miserable and rundown, they often find it hard to work, attend school, care for children, and attend to other daily responsibilities.

Although using home remedies or over-the-counter medications may help, the relief is temporary. Also, because the substance passes through the digestive system, the individual does not get the full effect. In comparison, our Allergy Relief IV drip therapy goes directly into the bloodstream, allowing it to work quickly and efficiently.

Helping the Body Fight Allergens

Although the human body is a true masterpiece, sometimes it needs help overcoming challenges. Instead of feeling uncomfortable for weeks and even months on end, people can visit us at DRC360 Spa to get the help needed with our Allergy Relief IV drip therapy. This therapy is highly effective at reducing symptoms because it does not mask anything. Instead, it flushes the allergens from the body.

Today, people around the country are getting relief from IV infusion wellness spas and clinics. When seeking this therapy, it is important to choose a provider that uses only natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. It is also important that a licensed and trained practitioner administers the IV. That way, allergy suffers get help without any risks.

The Gold Circle of Care

DRC360 Spa is the future of wellness. We specialize in a host of IV drips, as well as other therapies that work incredibly well. In fact, the majority of people who come to us notice a marked improvement almost immediately. For help battling seasonal allergies, we can help. You can learn more about our spa and various therapies by looking around our website or calling to speak with a staff member directly. With our Allergy Relief IV drip, you can enjoy life to the fullest all year round.