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Sermorelin New Providence

The New Wave of hGH Therapy

Sermorelin is a Growth Hormone Releasing Factor – it is not a steroid or actual Growth Hormone [GH].  Rather, it is an organic protein which contains the first 29 amino acids of GH so it up-regulates the body’s production of natural GH!  It is extremely safe and there is no tolerance that develops and no negative feedback on the pituitary itself.  GH is needed to build muscle, to mobilize calories from fat and to recover from injury.  It also assists in the immune system and since it’s secreted at night it also positively impacts one’s sleep.

Growth Hormone begins a slow decrease in our teenage years and then falls dramatically for those in the mid thirties.  It is thought that Growth Hormone may be more important than Testosterone in Men or Estrogen in Women as it improves every other hormone in the body and impacts every single organ system in our bodies.


I do recommend this office to everyone! Very nice and professional staff!! I got treatment from Sierra. She is the best! Explained everything before the procedure and answered to all my questions.Thanks to her I saved money ,because she suggested me to do different procedure , than I was requesting, much cheaper one.

And Dr. C is the best doctor ever! Very caring and attentive!! Makes you feel like you are the most important person/patient ever :))

The results are beyond an expectation.

Thank you Dr.C !!! -Anonymous


Benefits of GH Therapy with Sermorelin:

Positive changes in Body Composition

increases muscle strength and energy level, decreases fat

Healthier Joints

synovial fluid is enhanced and increases elastin production

Increase Bone Density

lower risk of osteoporosis

Stronger Myocardium

reduces LDL cholesterol and prevents heart failure

Enhanced Exercise Performance

improves oxygen uptake

Stronger Immune System

T cells are more vigilant

Glowing Skin

collagen increases which thickens skin and give it its luster

Increase in Metabolism

increase protein synthesis/fat oxidation/stabilizes blood sugar

Increase Sex Drive

enhances libido for both Men and Women

Better Sleep

direct effect on brain to increase slow wave sleep

Improved Cognitive Function

increases growth of new brain cells and protects neurons