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Nirvana Stress Relief

DRC360 Spa offers people dealing with extreme levels of anxiety and stress the Nirvana Stress Relief IV drip. Although meditation, deep breathing exercises, and a host of other practices provide some degree of relief for people struggling with stress, the best option is intravenous therapy. Our IV therapy focuses on hydration and essential vitamins, thereby providing people with long-term stress relief.

Had another wonderful experience! Didn’t wait long to be seen, treatment was efficient – great for busy people – and effective – saw immediate results. Amy is terrific! -Google Reviewer


Getting to the Source of the Problem

With an infusion of many essential nutrients, our Nirvana Stress Relief IV drip bypasses the gastrointestinal system and goes directly into the bloodstream. As a result, this therapy ensures maximum absorption of the nutrients, thereby calming the person and eliminating issues of irritability, stress, and moodiness.

Some people visit DRC360 Spa for more than one Nirvana Stress Release IV therapy, while others see marked improvement after just one session. Regardless, once this therapy is complete, people have a newfound sense of balance that carries them through the most demanding job, challenges at school, and responsibilities at home. Feeling less stressed, these people make calm and rational decisions.

Depending on the individual and the reason for feeling stressed, our practitioners at DRC360 Spa may determine that an additional therapy is needed. For example, a vitamin C drip helps with relaxation, while a natural sleep aid medication promotes deeper and healthier sleep. Our goal is to get stress under control so that people can better manage their lives.

Managing and Controlling Stress

While stress for some individuals is relatively manageable, for others, it can have devastating effects. Not only does stress affect the physical body, it also has a behavioral, emotional, and cognitive impact. Typical symptoms associated with stress include a headache, fatigue, nausea, sleep difficulty, aching muscles and joints, hypertension, rash, and even chest pain. Trying to cope with life’s responsibilities while feeling these symptoms is overwhelming.

With our Nirvana Stress Release IV therapy, virtually all symptoms diminish or disappear altogether. For full healing of chronic stress, our practitioners recommend that people eat well-balanced meals, drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, exercise, and consider various relaxation techniques, such as yoga and visualization. Combined with our Nirvana Stress Release IV therapy, the outcome is positive.

Our practitioners are licensed, experienced, and skilled. For that reason, people who are afraid of IVs feel relaxed. Due to the way our practitioners insert IVs, most people feel little to no pain. Our staff also answers all questions and provides details about the therapy, giving people a sense of confidence and control. Most people also dread a hospital or clinical setting. The atmosphere at DRC360 Spa is calm and peaceful, thereby helping people relax.

Relying on the Experts

Along with the Nirvana Stress Release IV drip, which only takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete, we offer other therapies, as well as injections, aesthetic services, and even surgical procedures. We place value on every person who visits us. Anyone who wants to conquer stress can. For more information, please browse our website or call to speak with a staff member today.