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Renovate Your Face Non-Invasively, Without Surgery

Fractora distributes selected bipolar RF energy to several depths of the skin. Compared to fractional CO2, Fractora delivers better results in a timelier manner with fewer drawbacks, such as lingering pigmentation and redness. This type of treatment can resolve both superficial skin tone issues, such as photodamage, and deep skin issues, such as tightening and rhytids. Your clinician will choose between several different densities, depths, and energy levels to help you attain incredible skin results.

The unfortunate truth is that everyone ages. As you age, your skin becomes rough, develops lesions, sags, and becomes more transparent. With Fractora, you can resurface your skin to improve the tone and texture for a more radiant appearance.

This facility makes you feel comfortable and caters to your needs. The staff makes you feel as though you’ve been coming there for years. I would definitely recommend a visit to this place. -Arielle R.

Benefits and Features

  • Compares to fractional CO2 laser results in both deep and moderate skin wrinkles
  • Safe for treatment on neck as well as other areas with profound skin contraction
  • Safe for treating ethnic skin, small risk of common CO2 issue, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Less downtime with adverse skin reactions

What kind of results can you expect to see from the Fractora treatment?

After leaving, there will be swelling and redness in the treated area. There might also be a little bruising at the injection points. Follow your clinician’s post-care instructions and keep the area moist. While the redness and swelling usually subside after a few days, it can persist for a week.

Fractora results develop over time as the skin creates new collagen. More sessions might be necessary to achieve the targeted results. The key thing to remember with this treatment is that you are altering your skin and your collagen. So, while it can take time to see notable results, the results will continue to build over a period of several months.

This treatment refreshes and renews your skin. Then, it will start to age naturally again. This is why most patients follow up with routine maintenance treatments every few years to continue to refresh their skin.