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Iron Injections

Today, an increasing number of people are turning to us at DRC360 Spa to achieve optimal health. With a dedicated and experienced team of professionals, we offer a host of innovative solutions that make people feel better and look younger. Iron injections are an example of our offerings that provide multiple benefits.

Of all the nutritional deficiencies in the United States, iron is the most prevalent. While men experience this type of deficiency, women are at the greatest risk. The proper level of iron in the body is essential for producing hemoglobin, which is a protein that supports red blood cells as they deliver oxygen to various parts of the body. When someone has an iron deficiency, he or she becomes anemic. Although there are numerous symptoms, fatigue is what people complain about most.

You are in safe hands with Dr.C. That’s why i choose to drive from Manhattan to New Providence Nj to get my treatments. His practice is highly individualized and the customer care is excellent. It is very hard to trust any doctor when it comes to your health and never less to your appearance. Besides being professional Dr.C is a wonderful person and caring human being. No pushing! He explains every details of a treatment, makes you calm and trustful. Results are always beyond an expectation. Thank you Dr.C -Tamara G.


Iron Injection versus IV Drip

While iron injections and IV drips achieve similar goals, there are distinct differences between the two therapies. Because we give injections in the muscle, the doses are relatively small. In addition, injections only take a few seconds to complete. An iron IV drip typically lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, and the dose of iron is often significantly greater. Because an IV drip surges the system quickly, it is usually the preferred method when administering iron to people who are struggling with severe fatigue or sickness.

Our incredible practitioners at DRC360 Spa administer safe and effective formulas, whether this entails iron injections or something consisting of vitamins, nutrients, or other minerals. Before getting an injection, you have the opportunity to sit down with a practitioner to discuss the overall benefits, the length of the therapy, and what you can expect in return. At that point, our practitioner will also go over any questions that you have, making sure to address all concerns.

Depending on what you need, we can infuse our iron injections with other substances, such as zinc, mycophenolic acid, phytic acid, and minocycline. After being administered the iron, most people notice an unusual taste in their mouth, which is normal. Overall, any adverse side effects are minimal and short-lived. After getting an injection of iron, most people feel the benefits within a day or two.

Following the injection, there are no limitations. People can return to school, work, or other places that they need to go without any ill effect. Regardless of the reason for getting an iron injection, whether to treat anemia or some other health-related issue, the results are incredible. The people who visit us at DRC360 Spa quickly begin to experience a better quality of life, physically and mentally.

Trusting the Best

For various vitamin, mineral, and natural medicine therapies, DRC360 Spa has a reputation for being among the best. With years of experience and unparalleled expertise, our practitioners are here to serve you. For information about our spa and the various therapies that we offer, please give us a call today.