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Kybella is now also being used to reduce body fat!

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a patented synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that helps metabolize dietary fat. The fat cell wall is destroyed allowing the fat to be moved and released out of the body.

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How Kybella Affects Fat

The lead clinical investigator, Dr. Derek H. Jones, clinical associate professor of dermatology at UCLA, explains how it works. “Basically, what it’s doing is disrupting the fat cell membrane. As soon as it hits, it causes lysis—or destroys the cell membrane. After that, the fat cell releases its fatty contents and the body metabolizes the fatty contents as normal.”

Although Kybella is the first FDA-approved injection of its kind in this country, the concept has existed outside the U.S. for decades.

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Who can get it?

If you are over 18 and it has been medically determined that your submental fullness is actually fat, and not glandular swelling or a medical condition, Kybella may be your answer.

Should I worry about excess skin afterward?

Skin with good elasticity should “shrink” into place. Skin that has lost elastic quality may need to take things further after the procedures are complete with PRP or Botox. These treatments may also be done at the same visit.

Kybella for the Body

Residual fat in the abdomen, upper arms and flanks can be further contoured with Kybella. Patients will still need a minimum of 3 treatments, and the amount of product needed will vary on the size of the area being treated.

In relation to our other fat reduction treatments, Kybella is being utilized as a “fine-tuning” sort of procedure. If there is an area that perhaps does not have enough fat to fit into a SculpSure applicator or the contour of the area of concern could not be treated with SculpSure, Kybella is a simple option and has high satisfaction rates.

Kybella used for body fat destruction is “off-label”, but completely safe when provided by a skilled injector.

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