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Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy and How Does It Work?

Ozone therapy has been used by medical practitioners and researched by scientists for over 150 years. It has been used since 1980 in the US. Medical ozone is made by passing oxygen through an electrical coil/generator giving it 3 atoms, which changes O2 (oxygen) into O3 (ozone). The administration of ozone into the body is accomplished in a couple of ways: either directly into a joint of pain or disease (shoulder, knee, elbow, fingers, etc.) or the blood, letting this “supercharged” oxygen do its work. Ozone therapy harmonizes one’s immune system, lowers inflammation, reverses oxygen deficits, repairs mitochondria (the power center of the cell), and helps produce more ATP or energy for overall cell rejuvenation.

Mobilize Stem Cells and Bring a Sense of Overall Wellness to The Body with IV Ozone Therapy at DrC 360

We are very excited to announce that we're offering this treatment to patients in our New Providence, New Jersey aesthetics and wellness center. It is a beautiful addition to our suite of IV Therapies that will significantly benefit patients in our community looking for a heightened sense of health and wellness.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

IV Ozone therapy helps to produce antioxidants and other positive factors in the body, reducing oxidative stress caused by free radicals and relieving their effects, helping keep the body young and vibrant. Ozone slows down aging at the cellular level, granting it the status of an anti-aging treatment.

DrC360 is a Top Provider of Ozone Therapy by IV in New Jersey at Our New Providence Medspa

The best aesthetics and anti-aging technology available to treat aging, bolster the immune system to protect against pathogens, and reverse the clock is available at DrC 360.

Contact us today at ___ for a consultation about IV Ozone Therapy cost, benefits, and how it can help you based on your specific goals.

FAQ's Questions and Answers about Ozone IV Therapy

How much does IV Ozone Therapy cost?

Intravenous Ozone Therapy ranges in price depending on the amount desired for your desired effect. It can cost as low as $100 to around $1200 for a high dosage. The price is dependent on the area where you live and where you choose to have your treatments done.

How often can you do IV Ozone Therapy?

While most patients receive Ozone therapy once a week, the exact number of treatments is customized taking into consideration the patient’s underlying condition, baseline state, and other treatment modalities. DrC360 utilizes the Quantum5 Series from Longevity Resources to produce the Ozone which is the same company endorsed by Boeing and  

When is the best time to have this treatment?

There is no "best" time to get this treatment, but many like to have a zone before a high-germ situation like an airplane to help avoid becoming sick. Sometimes, after an event of this nature, patients come afterward to re-boost their immunities and prevent themselves from coming sick when they feel sickness may be coming on.

What does it feel like?

People's feelings from Ozone include a feeling of energy and a better ability to focus. The body, through the process, is saturated with oxygen, healing it and giving it energy. Athletes and weightlifters often report training harder and lifting more weight after having their Ozone.

Does Ozone help to treat disorders or viruses?

Some common ailments Ozone therapy may assist with include:

Mold exposure, yeast, bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections

Autoimmune disease (i.e. Lupus, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Crohn’s, etc.)





Chronic fatigue

Chronic inflammation (sinusitis, colitis, brain fog, etc.)

Mood disorders


Macular degeneration

Coronary or circulatory disease


Neurodegenerative disorders (dementia, MS, Parkinson’s))



Are there any side effects?

Ozone is side effect-free, giving it a lot of upside potential with very minimal risks.

How long does treatment take?

The length of Ozone Therapy treatment depends on how many bottles you are getting. One bottle may take about 10 minutes or less to fully come from the body, be oxygenated, and then go back into the body through the IV.

Ozone Therapy in New Providence with DrC 360

Call or text 908-679-8181 for further information regarding Ozone therapy at DrC360.