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Diamond Glow

Restore your skin to its healthiest and most radiant condition with the Diamond Glow experience from DRC360. Offered as one of our top spa services, our advanced treatment resurfaces skin to remove the appearance of damage and expose the natural beauty of the skin. Problem skin will enjoy long-term rejuvenation and lasting vibrancy.

Complete with our deeply penetrating serum infusion, our advanced skin treatment incorporates a uniquely innovative 3-in-1 dermatological process. Our condition-specific serum performs multiple therapeutic actions within one convenient treatment process.

During the exfoliation process, when the skin is most receptive and absorbent, our serum effectively cleanses the skin's surface and infuses deep into the pores, efficiently delivering penetrating results in minimum time. Recessed diamond tip technology finely exfoliates the skin beyond the surface to remove aged, dry, dehydrated, and damaged skin cells.

Really great and thorough! Absolutely enjoy coming to see him at his Summit location -Google Reviewer

Harmful debris, clogging dirt, and damaging bacteria are removed from deep within the pores while the 3-in-1 serum exfoliates and infuses into the skin. The implementation of our patented closed-loop vacuum pressure technology ensures a pain-free extraction experience.

Hard-to-reach epidermal layers of the skin experience therapeutic and cosmetic benefits from the deep infusion of the serum, creating visibly improved dermatological results.

The powerful pro-fusion serum used in the Diamond Glow treatment system was developed through extensive scientific research to specifically target major skin issues. The skin on the face and anywhere on the body can be instantly refreshed by the restorative benefits of Diamond Glow’s resurfacing treatment.

The Diamond Glow treatment has been lab-tested and proven to volumize the skin by 70%, leaving skin looking better than brand new. Dermatological issues, such as excessive dryness, photo damage, and advanced cases of acne, can be erased in a treatment time of only 30 minutes. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or acquired melanosis, as well as other difficult skin conditions, can be remedied through DRC360‘s Diamond Glow. The appearance of dark spots, discoloration, and wrinkles is dramatically reduced, revitalizing the skin to a beautiful youthful glow.

DRC360 offers integrative skin therapy through both in-clinic treatments and personal at-home care products that renew skin cells to exceptional conditions. Rough, unsightly, and irritated skin is left feeling healthy and silky smooth. The skin on more sensitive areas of the face, such as under the eyes and around the lips, can be safely and gently treated to improve any signs of aging, such as sagging and fine lines. Troublesome spots, such as sun-damaged areas, stretch marks, cellulite, unwanted bumps, and blemishes, and cracked skin, can be dramatically reduced all over the entire body.

Every aspect of treatment is completely noninvasive to ensure a stress-free experience and optimal patient comfort during the quick skin resurfacing process. Our serum works safely on all skin tones, and no downtime is necessary following the spa treatment. With its efficiently integrative processes, DRC360‘s Diamond Glow remains unrivaled in the skincare technology field, making it the best professional medical skin treatment available on the market.

Our friendly and highly skilled staff will ensure that you receive top professional services and experience all of the rejuvenating benefits of your skin treatment. Call (908) 679-8181 to schedule your Diamond Glow appointment with DRC360, The Gold Circle of Care.