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Jeuveau is the answer to your wrinkle problem. Wrinkles and fine lines are difficult to prevent and are a natural part of the aging process, even if your skincare game is on point. However, that doesn’t mean you have to let them rob you of your youthful beauty.

Our goal at DR360 Med Spa is to provide our patients with the professional aesthetic care they need to look their absolute best. We can use Jeuveau to restore and retain the smooth and youthful appearance of your face for as long as possible

A wonderful doctor. He is very thorough and he has a wonderful personality. Highly recommend -Devyn O’Neill


What Is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is an injectable product designed to combat wrinkles and fine lines in order to restore the smooth and youthful appearance of the face. It is safe and effective and offers natural-looking results.

It is an excellent option for treating a variety of common wrinkles and fine lines that form on the face, like frown lines around the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes. Jeuveau injections take very little time to perform and produce little to no discomfort.

How Does Jeuveau Treat Wrinkles?

One of the primary causes of wrinkles is facial-muscle contractions. You use your facial muscles every day to smile, frown, yawn, and make a wide variety of other facial expressions. Each time the facial muscles contract, the skin above them wrinkles. Over the years, it becomes harder for the muscles to return to a relaxed position, causing wrinkles to become more and more prominent.

Like similar products on the market, Jeuveau contains a neurotoxin that is capable of preventing the nerves from sending signals. When injected into the desired areas of the face, Jeuveau prevents the facial muscles from contracting and allows strained facial muscles that have become frozen in place to relax. This smooths the surface of the skin and prevents wrinkles from forming. It also helps to prevent existing wrinkles and lines from becoming deeper and more apparent

What to Expect from Your Jeuveau Treatment

During your initial consultation, you will be asked about the specific areas of the face that you would like to address. The areas will be analyzed to determine how many units of Jeuveau will be needed to attain your desired results.

The face will be cleaned and prepped for the treatment. Jeuveau injections are not painful, but a topical numbing cream can be applied to maximize comfort during the process. The injections will then be carefully and precisely made. The process should only take around 30 minutes based on the amount of areas being treated.

Redness, mild swelling, and some sensitivity may occur but should dissipate quickly. You will be able to return to your normal activities following your treatment, but strenuous activities should be avoided for around 24 hours. Results should last for around three months or more.

Contact Us Today

If you want to rejuvenate the beauty of your face using Jeuveau, contact DR360 Med Spa today to schedule a consultation. We can provide you with personalized care and address any questions you may have. We are dedicated to helping our patients reach their aesthetic goals.