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Whether because of demands at work, a heavy schedule at school, caring for several children in the home, or other reasons, many people experience burnout. With that comes a host of problems, including physical and mental fatigue, depression, over or undereating, irritability, and more. For anyone in this situation, DRC360 Spa has the right solution. Our Recharge IV drip is perfect for rejuvenating the body and mind.

Amy has been taking care of me for a while now and my skin has never looked better…..she takes the time to really explain the process of everything she does and she’s also got a great personality. Making the experience an enjoyable one!!!! -Nicole S.


Recharging the Body

The Recharge IV drip therapy offered at DRC360 Spa is like liquid lightning that gives the body’s internal batteries a much-needed boost. In today’s world, most people take on way too much. Being so busy leaves them exhausted. Trying to fit in shopping, workouts, and social activities with everything else makes the burnout worse. Fortunately, an IV energy boost makes all the difference.

This intravenous therapy involves natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that replenish the body. As a result, people feel recharged. Not only do they notice a significant improvement in energy, the immune system gets a boost so that it can fight off illness and infection that often associates with a burnout. Although individuals need to pace themselves, our IV drip makes it possible to enjoy life to the fullest without feeling overwhelmed.

Ineffective Solutions

Some people turn to sugar and caffeine as a way of battling fatigue. However, these things only provide temporary relief and no nutritional value. While people might have a burst of energy for about 30 minutes, they ultimately crash hard. Even supplements do little to recharge the body. The reason is that supplements go through the digestive system. That means that the body flushes out most of the nutrients.

Total Nutrient Value

After a licensed practitioner starts an IV, vitamins and minerals pass directly through the bloodstream, which allows the body to absorb the nutrients. In response, people experience a boost in energy almost immediately, and they feel great for a long time. Depending on the situation, the practitioner at DRC360 Spa may also include hydration therapy.

Being on the go all the time, most people do not eat correctly or drink enough water. Once dehydration sets in, they begin to feel sluggish. By hydrating the body using IV drip therapy, blood can deliver oxygen to the muscles, distribute hormones, flush out waste, and even reduce heart rate during physical exertion.

To feel energetic and alert, the body requires proper hydration and nutrients. For a quick and long-lasting pick-me-up, our Recharge IV drip therapy is perfect. During the therapy session, people can relax, allowing the nutrients and fluid to flow through the body. Once completed, they feel physically and emotionally balanced.

Getting the Right Help

Although a well-balanced diet and adequate sleep help, sometimes recharging the body requires more. At DRC360 Spa, we offer the Recharge IV drip therapy and many other treatments to help people achieve optimal wellness. You can learn more on our website or call us today.