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Gait Analysis Near New Providence NJ

Gait Analysis to Unlock Your Body's Potential

Do your feet hold you back from moving your best? 

At DrC360, we provide comprehensive gait analysis to pinpoint imbalances and optimize mobility.

Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to identify alignment issues affecting your entire body - not just your feet. Like detectives, we evaluate your walking and running patterns to get to the root cause of strains, pains, and instability.

Regain your active lifestyle with a fresh perspective from the ground up. Our detailed biomechanical assessment maps out a clearer path towards improved performance and injury prevention. 

We go beyond surface-level symptoms to enhance comfort, posture, balance, and flexibility through customized treatment plans.

Experience a new spring in your step. Schedule a session now to begin unlocking your body's full potential. Our holistic approach helps patients of all kinds - from athletes to seniors concerned about falls - move through life with strength and confidence.

What is Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is an assessment tool that allows us to evaluate how you walk and run. It provides unique insights into movement patterns that can be difficult to detect with the naked eye.

During a session, we use specialized technology to precisely measure and analyze details like:

  • Joint mobility and range of motion
  • Muscle activity and coordination
  • Balance, posture, and alignment
  • Forces and pressure on the feet

This data helps create a comprehensive map of your biomechanics in motion. We can pinpoint problem areas contributing to discomfort, instability, inefficient movement, and increased injury risk.

Our clinicians then interpret these objective findings to identify root causes. We dig deeper than obvious issues like flat feet or knee pain to understand the interconnected chain affecting your whole body.

With an expert gait analysis from DrC360, you don’t have to simply manage symptoms. We can provide personalized recommendations to address the source - from custom orthotic inserts to targeted exercises for improved mobility.

For Patients

A gait analysis can benefit a wide range of individuals, including:


Understand how alignment issues may be limiting your speed, power, and agility. Optimize mechanics to enhance performance and prevent injury.


Pinpoint balance and mobility deficiencies that contribute to instability, falls risks, and limited endurance. Regain confidence and independence.

Post-Injury Patients

Identify compensatory movements after orthopedic injuries or surgeries. Receive tailored recommendations to facilitate proper rehabilitation.

Those with Chronic Conditions

Manage symptoms from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and other conditions affecting mobility and comfort.

Parents of Children

Catch developmental disorders early for the best treatment outcomes. Track progress in kids with cerebral palsy, autism, or other movement impairments.

And More...

Gait analysis provides value for adults and children alike - from casual exercisers to competitive athletes. We can help identify root causes of strains, pains, and instability to get you moving better.

If you have concerns with mobility, balance, alignment, or your walking/running mechanics, a gait analysis is the first step to understanding what's holding you back. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your session.

The Role of Customized Orthotics

A gait analysis often reveals misalignments or biomechanical issues that can be improved with custom orthotic inserts. As part of our comprehensive evaluation, we discuss how properly fitted orthotics may benefit you.

Custom orthotics provide structure and support tailored to your individual needs. They can help optimize alignment, improve posture and balance, and reduce abnormal pressures that lead to pain and injuries.

We partner with top orthotic labs like ComfortFit to provide the highest quality devices. Their 50+ years of experience combined with the latest technology produces effective, comfortable inserts designed for your unique foot type and gait pattern.

During your gait analysis, we evaluate whether custom orthotics are recommended to help you move and feel your best. We can also provide comparative reports after orthotic use to objectively demonstrate progress.

Discover how proper alignment aids recovery, enhances performance, and prevents compensation that risks reinjury. Custom orthotics play an important role in many patient treatment plans.

Our Trusted Partner: ComfortFit Labs

We exclusively partner with ComfortFit Labs to craft customized orthotics for patients needing additional support. Their commitment to excellence and innovative technology ensures the highest quality devices tailored to your needs.

From high-performance athletes to seniors wanting stability, ComfortFit Labs provides functional orthotics delivered quickly in pristine condition. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction matches our own standards.

Trust our expertise in determining if and how custom orthotics can help you move your best. We only partner with the most reputable labs like ComfortFit to provide solutions tailored to your health and lifestyle.

Benefits of Gait Analysis

A comprehensive gait analysis provides unique benefits over a standard visual evaluation or self-assessment. Our detailed biomechanical testing uncovers key insights you can’t find on your own.

Custom Orthotic Recommendations

Based on your specific areas of misalignment, we can recommend custom orthotic inserts, braces, or other assistive devices tailored to your needs for improved support and function.

Holistic Assessments

We evaluate the entire integrated chain affecting your movement - not just the obvious problem spots. This helps us identify root causes.

Injury Prevention

By optimizing gait mechanics, we can reduce abnormal pressures to help prevent overuse injuries and discomfort.

Enhanced Performance

With improved mobility and stability, you can meet your athletic goals with greater efficiency and less risk of holding back due to imbalances.

Increased Confidence

Understanding the contributors to instability or falls risks allows us to provide solutions to help our patients regain security and independence.

Take the First Step Towards Better Movement

Don't let mobility issues, instability, or injury risks hold you back any longer. Schedule your gait analysis at DrC360 today and start unlocking your body's full potential.

Our expert clinicians go beyond surface-level symptoms to pinpoint root causes using advanced biomechanical testing. We provide customized treatment plans to help you move with greater comfort, efficiency, and confidence.

Regain your active lifestyle. Return to the activities you love, whether that's running a 5K or confidently navigating the grocery store aisles. Experience the difference optimized alignment and mechanics can make in your performance and prevention.

Empower yourself with the insights from a detailed gait analysis. 

Contact DrC360 now to schedule your session. A better understanding of your movement patterns is the first step towards improved mobility and an active life without limitations.