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For essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that reach the cellular level of the body to ensure maximum absorption, DRC360 Spa has the perfect solution. Our IV drip therapies are designed carefully for a host of health-related issues, as well as deficiencies. As an example, for people who do not or cannot get enough magnesium, we offer a Magnesium IV drip. Because magnesium enters the body through the bloodstream, it helps correct a deficiency quickly.

At DRC360 Spa, a licensed practitioner administers this and our other IV therapies in a quiet environment. That allows people to relax during the roughly 30-minute session. Once the therapy is complete, most people notice an immediate improvement. Magnesium sulfate delivered to the body intravenously provides fast relief and recovery.

Amy has been taking care of me for a while now and my skin has never looked better…..she takes the time to really explain the process of everything she does and she’s also got a great personality. Making the experience an enjoyable one!!!! -Nicole S.


Magnesium Deficiency and Other Health-Related Problems

People with a magnesium deficiency usually feel fatigued and anxious, and they often experience muscle aches and pains. According to recent medical reports, approximately 50 percent of people in the United States do not have an adequate level of magnesium in their bodies. An irregular heartbeat is also a problem associated with a magnesium deficiency. In fact, not having enough magnesium in the body can cause or worsen certain medical conditions, including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

With our Magnesium IV drip therapy, this mineral enters the body through the bloodstream. In response, the body’s nervous and muscular systems rebalance. Depending on the individual, a practitioner at DRC360 Spa may determine that an additional vitamin therapy would be beneficial.

A magnesium deficiency also leads to anxiety, which stresses the body. With our IV drip, most patients experience noted improvement right away. This drip is also beneficial for people with cardiac arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat. A deficiency of this mineral causes serious stress on the muscular system, primarily the heart. With IV therapy, the heart relaxes and blood vessels dilate, thereby preventing the arrhythmia. Our Magnesium IV drip also helps people with high blood pressure, blood vessels to dilate, which brings hypertension under control.

People with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome benefit from our Magnesium IV drip therapy, as well. For fibromyalgia, a deficiency causes constant muscle spasms. By rebalancing the level of magnesium in the body intravenously, the contractions cease. In the case of chronic fatigue syndrome, replenishing the body with magnesium helps reduce symptoms.

Magnesium performs more than 300 biochemical reactions required to sustain life. As a natural calcium channel blocker, magnesium contributes by reducing the heart’s workload. Overall, a deficiency of this mineral is quite dangerous.

Getting Quick Relief

For anyone with a magnesium deficiency or living with one of the health problems mentioned above, we would love to opportunity to help. While going through Magnesium IV drip therapy at DRC360 Spa, people can listen to music, read a book, or whatever helps them relax. Once the therapy is over, the majority notice an immediate and significant improvement, regardless of the condition. To learn more, you can browse our website or contact us by phone.