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Brain Boost

Whether people feel deflated due to work overload, extensive traveling, or hitting the town too hard with friends, there is a quick, safe, and efficient therapy that helps improve brain function. At DRC360 Spa, our Brain Boost IV drip gets incredible results. The people who walk into our spa dealing with fogginess leave mentally refreshed and rejuvenated.

You are in safe hands with Dr.C. That’s why i choose to drive from Manhattan to New Providence Nj to get my treatments. His practice is highly individualized and the customer care is excellent. It is very hard to trust any doctor when it comes to your health and never less to your appearance. Besides being professional Dr.C is a wonderful person and caring human being. No pushing! He explains every details of a treatment, makes you calm and trustful. Results are always beyond an expectation. Thank you Dr.C -Tamara G.


Benefits of Brain Boost IV Therapy

In addition to enhancing clarity, our Brain Boost IV drip improves focus and enhances memory. When considering the responsibilities of the average person, it is easy to understand why staying focused is so difficult for many. At work, people have one hard deadline after another, and at school, ongoing exams determine the future. Whether you are trying to work out the details of a complex project, beat the clock on a critical report, or study for a huge midterm exam, our intravenous therapy works.

For all circumstances in life, our Brain Boost IV drip therapy helps people think with more clarity. As a result, they make better decisions and avoid potential consequences. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, people who use this IV therapy sleep better and have a clearer mind.

For our Brain Boost IV drip, a licensed practitioner starts the IV, explaining each step of the process along the way. As the nutrients begin to flow through the bloodstream, people can relax during the 20- to 30-minute procedure. Almost immediately, many people notice what they describe as a “lifting of the fog.” They quickly notice a clearer mind and improved mental stamina.

Natural Nutrients

Our Brain Boost IV drip therapy contains the right vitamins, minerals, and natural medicines to get the desired results. Using powerful, organic antioxidants, both retinal and brain function sharpen. People also experience less anxiety and stress commonly associated with a clouded mind. We also utilize vitamins B and C, which stimulate and balance neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for the communication of information throughout the system.

Proper Hydration

Hydration is another key component of DRC360 Spa’s therapies for brain enhancement. Although the brain is primarily water, there must be the right balance of water, chemicals, and nutrients for neurons to function properly. When liquids are fed to the body intravenously, they bypass the digestive system. That means the fluids reach their intended target quicker. Once hydrated, the physical body and mental processes become more efficient.

Enhance Mental Clarity

Everyone experiences “brain fog” at some time in life, often associated with stress. Usually, this entails momentary confusion or forgetfulness. However, in older people, brain fog is a part of life. Whether young or old, our Brain Boost IV drip helps individuals who struggle with cognitive performance. They begin to remember things more easily, feel less fatigued when performing difficult mental tasks, and are less irritable and distracted. Our Brain Boost IV drip therapy is a viable solution to help people get back on track.

For improved brain function and physical health, we invite you to schedule an appointment to see a practitioner at DRC360 Spa. Learn more about our services by browsing our website or calling us today.