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Athletic Recovery

Although stress on the body is something that affects all athletes, it is particularly harmful to professionals. People who participate in professional sports or activities are at the greatest risk of sustaining an injury, feeling fatigued, and developing an illness. To help an athlete recover quickly, DRC360 Spa offers various therapies, including the Athletic Recovery IV drip. This therapy is also beneficial to nonathletes who enjoy a rigorous workout.

I visited DrC360 several times and this place is amazing. Staff is very nice and friendly.
They have great professionals who really care about their patients and their health.
I highly recommend this place!
-Ekaterine D.


Staying Hydrated

There are several components to our Athlete Recovery IV therapy, including proper hydration. Staying hydrated is critical for all athletes. Because water and sports drinks that contain electrolytes go through the digestive system, not all fluids and nutrients are absorbed. With our IV drip therapy, fluids and nutrients go directly into the bloodstream, thereby benefiting athletes the most. By visiting DRC360 Spa one to two hours before practice or competition, athletes get fully hydrated so they can perform optimally.

After practicing, playing in a game, competing, or working out, our Athletic Recovery IV drip is essential. Because this intravenous drip boasts all of the right nutrients, it quickly and efficiently rehydrates the body. Overall, this therapy prevents a deficiency in electrolytes while also promoting muscle recovery. Along with recovery, we offer therapies that prepare athletes, as well as those for muscle toning and improved energy.

In addition to the benefits that athletes get from our Athletic Recovery IV drip, eating the right foods is important before and after physical exertion. The correct diet coupled with rest allows the body to restore and rejuvenate. To boost those results, we offer a host of highly effective intravenous therapies. At DRC360 Spa, we offer fusion therapies that address more than one issue.

Administering an IV

A licensed and caring practitioner administers all of our IV drips. Although most athletes have no problems with IVs, some do. Those individuals can relax knowing that our team of experts work with all body types and have no problem hitting the best vein quickly and without pain. Once the IV catheter is in place, the fluids flow directly into the bloodstream. For our Athletic Recovery IV, the treatment is usually over in about 20 to 30 minutes.

All-Around Benefits

Whether running a 5K, competing in a major bodybuilding contest, playing a professional sport, or spending time daily doing laps in a pool, all athletes benefit from our therapies. In addition to hours of training and proper nutrition, our Athletic Recovery IV drip maximizes overall performance. Best of all, we use all-natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. Therefore, athletes never have to worry about being accused of or testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

Taking Care of the Body

Taking care of the body before and after strenuous physical exertion is critical. With the IV therapies that we offer at DRC360 Spa, people not only perform better but also experience fewer injuries and seldom get sick. If you participate in sports or love a hard workout, our IV therapies are essential for success. Give us a call today to learn more.