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Botox is purified proteins that temporarily relax wrinkles to provide a smoother look. They can be injected in many areas including the following common sites: between the brows, the forehead, and around the eyes. There are other areas that can be injected such as in the chin (to prevent an “orange peel” look), the underarms (to reduce excessive sweating), and the nose (for bunny lines). Depending on the amount placed in the proper muscles, you will still have natural movement while maintaining a youthful look.

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DrC understands how my muscles work so he doesn’t overdo the number of units of Botox. I get compliments from my friends saying I look more “relaxed” and “refreshed”. That’s music to my ears! I don’t want the “frozen” look which any monkey can do but I want a natural softened look which is what DrC does! -Anonymous

How It Works

Botox blocks the communication between the brain and the injected muscles. This allows the overworked facial muscles to relax. Because of this, new wrinkles will not form, which helps give the face an overall younger appearance. After a couple of months, the blockage slowly begins to fade so that the muscles regain their activity.

What To Expect

Be sure to talk to Dr. Cavazos about any allergies before getting a Botox treatment. You should also tell him about your medical history and inform him of any medications you are taking, including antibiotics, anticoagulants, and prescription/non-prescription drugs before receiving a Botox injection.

After an analysis of your muscle movement and strength, a series of small shots are injected into the targeted facial muscles. This treatment is very tolerable for patients. A topical cream or local anesthesia may be used on the targeted area(s) before the injections.

After this, a precise amount of product is carefully placed into each site for maximum, lasting results. The entire procedure takes 10-15 minutes and is often referred to as a “lunchtime procedure” because of the short amount of time it takes to complete the injections.


No Downtime Needed

There is typically no downtime needed after a Botox injection – you can return to work and your normal daily activities after getting Botox.

You may experience mild side effects, such as bruising, swelling, and redness at the injection site. You may also experience some pain. However, these side effects are common and usually subside within a few hours. If for some reason these side effects persist, contact Dr. Cavazos’s office.

It is also recommended that you avoid heavy sunlight after receiving Botox injections. Be sure to talk to Dr. Cavazos about any questions or concerns you have regarding further recovery instructions.

Length Of Results

You will begin to feel the effects 1 to 7 days after the treatment, although sometimes, it may take up to 10 days to see the full results after receiving Botox injections.

The longevity of the product depends on three main things: your metabolism, your muscle strength, and how active those muscles are. Some people’s bodies will metabolize the product very quickly and will therefore need injections more often. Similarly, the stronger the muscles are, the more product you will need. Muscles we use frequently such as around the mouth and eyes will need to be injected more often since they are more active. Typically, results last around 3-4 months.

Number Of Treatments

Because Botox is temporary, it is best to come in every 3-4 months to maintain optimal results. Do not wait until it completely wears off since there is a synergistic effect. We always recommend that you book a 2-week follow up.

Over time, consistent Botox treatments may help prevent more severe wrinkles from forming. Talk to Dr. Cavazos about the right treatment plan for you.

Contact Our Office

Do Botox injections seem like a treatment you could benefit from? If you want to say goodbye to unwanted wrinkles and are interested in learning more about Botox, contact the office of Dr. Anthony Cavazos for a consultation today. Dr. Cavazos will be more than happy to help you get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles with Botox injections.