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Jet Setter

For anyone who often travels for recreational purposes or flies great distances on business, it takes little time for the body to suffer. If jet setters are not careful, they can begin to experience chronic health problems. To enjoy the jet-setting lifestyle without your health suffering, the DRC360 Spa has the perfect solution. Our Jet Setter IV Drip is administered by a licensed practitioner and works to protect the body and mind.

This facility makes you feel comfortable and caters to your needs. The staff makes you feel as though you’ve been coming there for years. I would definitely recommend a visit to this place. -Arielle R.


Understanding Jet Lag

Not only does jet lag have a profound effect on the body, it also affects the mind. The official term for jet lag is desynchronosis, although many people refer to it as “flight fatigue.” Jet lag is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder in which the body’s internal clock is disrupted. This disorder leads to extreme levels of fatigue, insomnia, and a host of other problems. Although temporary, it is often devastating for the people who experience it.

Usually, people overcome the effects of jet lag within a few days, but during that time, the consequences are difficult to handle. Instead of feeling fatigued, unfocused, and even irritable, our Jet Setter IV drip takes effect almost immediately. As a result, people who fly around the globe can go right back to work or enjoying life without the unpleasant effects of a long flight.

Overcoming the Effects of Jet Lag

Along with the Jet Setter IV drip, our practitioners can combine other therapies that help fight off infection, colds, the flu, and other things that happen to the body when fatigued. An IV infusion tackles several problems at once. To quickly feel normal after an intercontinental flight, some people use the vitamin B12 IV drip in conjunction with the Jet Setter. Depending on the situation, our expert staff can provide recommendations.

Our Jet Setter IV drip also eliminates dehydration, a common complaint associated with extensive travel. The hydration boost combined with the essential vitamins and minerals in the Jet Setter IV drip eliminates a lot of unnecessary problems.

If preferred, people can visit the DRC360 Spa for a preflight boost. Upon arrival at their destination, they will feel their best, and they will struggle less with jet lag after returning home.

The Jet Setter IV drip is formulated specifically for people who struggle with jet lag. This IV drip is packed with vital nutrients that keep both the mind and body properly balanced. In addition, people feel more energetic. With all of these benefits, this one intravenous drip makes it easier for business travelers to succeed and vacationers to have a better time while out exploring the world. Not only does this therapy help maintain a healthy immune system, it also detoxifies the body, treats tense muscles, and enhances sleep.

Professional Therapy for Jet Setters

If you live a jet-setter lifestyle, it is critical that you take proper care of yourself. Before or after a trip, visit DRC360 for an IV treatment. You can learn about all of our cutting-edge therapies by browsing our website or contacting a staff member today.