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PDO Thread Lift

What are PDO threads?

PDO threads are medical-grade sutures that have been introduced into use in facelifts. If you see loose, sagging skin as a sign of aging, a PDO thread lift may be the perfect option.

PDO threads are a special medical-grade thread that is thinner than a single strand of hair and made of protein. The insertion of PDO threads provides lift and also relaxes tendons and muscles. Inserting a foreign object into the body stimulates blood flow to the area and collagen production. It also stimulates the production of elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are both helpful in maintaining firm, youthful skin.

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO thread lift is a non-surgical form of facelift where the skin is lifted and tightened using PDO threads. PDO is an acronym for Polydioxanone - these threads anchor into the skin using needles, which instantly lift and tighten sagging skin. A Different number of needles is used depending on the patient, how many areas they wish to have treated, and the degree of skin sagging present.

Benefits of a PDO Thread Lift

The main benefit of using a thread lift over a traditional surgical facelift is that you see instant and similar results without the same need for downtime. As an added benefit, inserting the threads stimulates blood flow to the area and collagen production, further assisting in reducing lines and wrinkles.

What areas can be treated with PDO threads?

PDO threads can be used on most parts of the face that experience signs of aging. Common areas treated are located around the cheeks, jaw, neck, and eyes - many similar areas to those we treat with dermal fillers, which are often used in conjunction to provide further benefit.

How long does a PDO thread lift usually last?

PDO thread lifts cause immediate, visible improvement after the treatment. Results, however, do not last forever. A decline in noticeable results starts to happen after about six months. After about twelve months, the skin will be back to normal as it was prior. At this point, to maintain results, additional lifts can be performed.

Why choose a thread lift instead of a traditional facelift?

The most significant advantage for most patients is the significantly reduced recovery time compared to a surgical facelift. When a patient has facelift surgery, heavy sedation is required. Thread lifts require only local anesthetic. So you will not need anyone watching over you after treatment or someone to be there to drive you home, for example. Many patients can return to normal activities on the same day, though many opt for a day or two off to recover, as some redness, soreness, and swelling may be present.

Pain medication is usually not required with this procedure, making it easier for patients to avoid these drugs and return to their routine more quickly. 

The PDO thread lift treatment is excellent for patients who would like to choose a less-invasive option with less downtime, though the trade-off is that results do not last as long and are not quite as dramatic as with traditional facelift surgery.

What to expect from the PDO thread lift procedure

PDO thread lifts are minimally invasive and do not require much prep. It is recommended that patients avoid alcohol and tobacco for about five days before the treatment to reduce the risk of bleeding or bruising. Advil and other over-the-counter medications that thin the blood should also be avoided.

On the day of your procedure, we walk you through the potential complications and give you the advice necessary to help you achieve a speedy recovery.

The treatment itself varies depending on the provider that you choose, but when you work with us at DrC 360, you can expect the following:

  • You sit in a seat that reclines. Your face is disinfected using alcohol. A local anesthetic is applied to the area with a small needle.
  • Your provider makes a small incision with another needle, then inserts the cannula.
  • The thread is anchored into place, and the cannula is removed
  • The thread is cut once in place, ensuring no thread shows outside the skin.
  • The process is repeated as necessary based on your treatment scope.

Recovery and aftercare from a PDO thread lift

Recovery is minimal. There may be some swelling and bruising apparent for 24 to 48 hours, but you can return to most of your daily routines straight away.

We recommend that our patients avoid rubbing the face as much as possible the week after the procedure to avoid dislodging a thread accidentally. You will also be advised to avoid pursing your lips, smoking, and drinking through a straw for the first few weeks.

You may want to also avoid activities like sleeping on your side, intense exercise, and visiting saunas for the first 1 to 2 weeks following your treatment.


The PDO thread lift is a procedure that uses dissolvable sutures for rejuvenation and lifts sagging skin. It is a less expensive and much faster alternative to facelift surgery that requires less downtime, but the results do not last as long and are not quite as dramatic. 

Recovery from the procedure is minimal, and you can often return to your activities on the same day. However, some recommended behavior promotes healthy healing and the best results for the longest time.

Ready for a PDO thread lift?

Are you ready for a PDO thread lift today? Get in touch with us at DrC 360, and we will be happy to set up a personal consultation to discuss the various benefits and whether this procedure is a good fit for you based on your circumstances. Get in touch with us through our website today, or feel free to call our office anytime. We will be happy to assist.