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Omnitrope New Providence

What is Omnitrope

Is a brand name for Human Growth Hormone.  After the age of 30 in both men and women declines.  Actually a better name for human growth hormone is better termed repair hormone.


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Why use Omnitrope

The primary role of it is to rejuvenate and heal ourselves.  As an example after a work out at the  gym our muscles release Lactic acid and suffer micro tears wich causes muscle pains and joint aches.  HGH literally rebuilds the joint so the micro tears are now healed and the lactic acid has been detoxed.  Another wonderful benefit of HGH is that it assists with insomnia more specifically people experience a more restorative sleep.  Instead of needing 5 cups of coffe a day you will only need one!

HGH also boosts ones immune system and is essential for weight loss.

Please ask Dr. Cavazos who is certified in hormone replacement therapy how HGH may optimise your life.

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