BeautiFill vs. Lipo, What's the Difference?

It's hard to deny the immediate benefits one can attain from manually removing areas of fat from the body, whether by traditional liposuction or by other means, like Beautifill - one of our most popular treatments here in New Providence, NJ. Liposuction has been around for quite some time, but Beautifill Fat Transfer Lipo, on the other hand, is a relatively new procedure that is growing year by year in popularity.

Sometimes called a BBL or "Brazilian Butt Lift," BeautiFill fat transfer is a minimally-invasive laser liposuction treatment that preserves the integrity of the removed fat so that it can be used to volumize areas of your body as needed. A Brazilian Butt Lift targets the buttocks, but other popular treatment areas include the breasts and face, among others.

The Differences Between Beautifill and Regular Liposuction

Traditional surgical liposuction uses manual entry and force to break up the fat cells before removal, unlike Beautifill, which uses a laser to dislodge fat cells more gently, making them easier to remove and significantly improving their survival rate for re-use.

Beautifill has some clear benefits when compared with traditional liposuction. 

Some of These Benefits Include:

Non-surgical Procedure

One of the most beautiful things about BeautiFill is that it does not require surgery and has less downtime than surgical liposuction procedures, which can require weeks of recovery before feeling ready to go back to your days normally.

This lower commitment level makes it easy for people busy with work or life, in general, getting you back to normal sooner than was ever possible with fat removal surgeries.

Smaller Incisions

Though BeautiFill is non-surgical by nature, some incisions are needed to allow the laser under the skin to where the fat resides. Incisions, though, are much smaller than what is needed with surgical liposuction treatments. Smaller incisions mean less scarring and faster healing once they are bandaged up.

Less Damage to the Fat and the Surrounding Tissue

Part of what makes this procedure unique is our ability to re-purpose the fat cells by injecting them into other areas. We can do this because the laser used to dislodge the fat cells from the surrounding tissue does so without damaging it beyond a usable range. Transferred fat cells have a much higher survival rate, as well.

Shorter Procedure Time

The total length of the BeautiFill procedure tends to be between 1-3 hours.

Fat cells must be transferred back into the body via injection within 2 hours of removal. They cannot survive for long periods outside the human body, and time is of the essence. The area you want to enhance is usually decided on before removal to streamline the process.

Shorter Recovery Period

Lipo is a significant surgical procedure. Beautifill is also to be taken seriously, but comes with a shorter recovery period, less post-op swelling and less pain after treatment than surgical lipo. Lipo uses a larger cannula and requires physical manipulation of fat cells in order to remove them. BeautiFill, by comparison, uses a much smaller cannula, needs smaller incisions, and is a much gentler procedure. There is very minimal downtime needed.

Downtime needed from BeautiFill treatment can range anywhere from 24 hours to about a week. It depends mainly on the area(s) being treated. Small areas like the cheeks are on the shorter end of the spectrum for recovery, while larger areas such as the breasts can recommend up to a week of recovery time before feeling totally back to normal.

Combined Lipo and Fat Transfer in One Treatment

Lipo and fat transfer were not always combined. BeautiFill simplifies the process by designing a system that not only helps remove fat with the assistance of laser, but also stores it for re-use later in the treatment. This combining of processes is part of the reason that more fat is usable with BeautiFill than with any other treatments available.

How can I get started with BeautiFill?

Meeting for a private consultation with our cosmetic team in New Providence, NJ will answer all the questions you may have about fat transfer, lipo, BeautiFill, and a full range of other aesthetics options.

Get in touch with us to set up a private appointment and be one step closer towards your aesthetic goals.