Ravanesse Versa: Adding Volume to The Lips

Men and women often think their lips would look better with more volume. Enhancing your lips with diet and exercise, unfortunately, is impossible. Thankfully, there are injectable fillers made for this exact purpose. Ravanesse versa is an option that gives the lips the proper shape and volume that will have you impressed with them every time you view your reflection.

What are Versa Injections?

Ravanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid-based, safe lip filler to enhance volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used throughout the face; they are preferred for their versatility, effectiveness, and lack of side effects. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles and can add volume to areas of the face, like the lips, to fill lacking areas and add an aesthetically pleasing plump. The effects of hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Versa are visible immediately after treatment.

Understanding fillers, the different options, and the ingredients are crucial to understanding which ones fit your needs. It seems more are hitting the market every day. Contacting a physician-led medspa like DrC 360 is a perfect way to ask all of your questions and decide, together, which is the right fit for you.

Ravanesse Versa is FDA-approved, absorbable by the body, and has no severe risk of side effects. It's a safe, volume-adding filler.

Are Versa injections painful?

Lip fillers, like all injections, are reported as slightly painful by some patients. It depends on your threshold for pain. Numbing cream is used, and many patients report the treatment as virtually painless.

Lip injection enhancement at DrC 360 medspa

You don't generally need to prepare for lip fillers in any meaningful way, but it's always important to talk to a professional prior to choosing a certain treatment.

Dr. Cavazos at DrC 360 medspa checks your health records to make sure there is nothing preventing you from choosing Versa specifically and to make sure your choice is the right one for you. Versa injections are safe for most people, but it's always important to make sure.

Preparing for versa fillers

Some recommendation we do make is to avoid alcohol and drugs that will impact blood clotting. Without the ability to clot, the risk of bleeding is enhanced.

How long does lip filler treatment take?

Lip fillers take 15-20 minutes in most cases. The time depends on how much volume you want and the current state of your lips. Dr. Anthony Cavazos gives you the right amount of Ravanesse Versa filler, making the lips voluminous while maintaining a natural look.

When adding volume to the lips or any other area of the face, we keep symmetry as a goal.

How long does Versa lip filler last?

Versa lip filler results last 8-12 months. It differs based on the patient, and everyone is different. Some recommendations can be followed to help them last longer in some cases.

Are Versa injections the right choice for me?

Versa injections are a good choice for those who wish to:

  • Correct the shape of their lips
  • Restore or attain symmetrical shapes to the lips
  • Change the contours of the lips
  • Add more volume to the lips
  • Erase wrinkles around the mouth and lips
  • Raise the downward-angled corners of the lips

Aftercare: How to care for Versa lip enhancement

There is not much you have to do after lip enhancement. Results are visible immediately. There can be some swelling and bruising after treatment in some cases. If these are present, recovery can be 1-2 days, but will not affect your ability to go about your day normal with some slight soreness.

After Versa injections, here are a few recommendations for proper recovery and prolonging the life of your fillers:

  • Stay hydrated, but avoid hot drinks and food for 1-2 days.
  • Don't wear makeup for a few days
  • Avoid taking a hot bath or using the sauna
  • Avoid heavy physical exercise for 1-2 days

Versa lip fillers add volume to the lops, make them more symmetrical, emphasize the most attractive contours, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the lips and around the mouth.

If you're ready for Versa lip fillers, DrC 360 is ready to help! Contact us today for a private consultation in New Providence, NJ!