The Non-Surgical Nose Job Treatment

Until very recently, your only recourse for a nose you couldn’t live with was rhinoplasty.  The surgical nose job has been around for a long time.  But not everyone’s willing to go under the knife to refine the appearance of their nose.

If that describes you, the non-surgical nose job treatment is a great alternative.

Of course, it’s not the right solution for everyone.  If your nose has been broken, for example, this treatment won’t work for you.  Also, if you’re hoping to narrow your nose, the non-surgical nose job isn’t what you’re looking for.

That’s because it’s based on an optical illusion.

Big Is the New Small

The non-surgical nose job uses fillers to increase volume in specific parts of the nose to create an illusion.  That illusion is that your nose is smaller.  But (wait for it) it’s really being made bigger.

For example, a pronounced hump on your nose can be rectified by injecting filler into the hollow directly above it.  This creates a smoother line from the eyebrows, completely changing the appearance of your nose and making your hump magically “disappear”.

Voila!  A vanishing act of Vegas proportions!

Forever?  Not Necessarily

Surgical nose jobs are forever.  They’re also painful, involve an incision, anesthesia and bandages.  Then there’s the recovery time.

With the non-surgical nose job treatment, you avoid all that.  What’s even better is that you can choose from a temporary solution (to try on your new nose) and a permanent one.

For a temporary trial, Voluma is used, so the guest can try on their new look.  Voluma only takes one 15-minute session and you’re done. If a guest is unhappy with the results, the material is absorbed into the system after about 18 months and eliminated.  That’s that.

But with Bellafill, the nose is permanently changed.  That’s why a Voluma trial run is usually a good idea before going for the permanent non-surgical nose job.  The Bellafill version is accomplished over 3 sessions, spaced according to your attending technician’s recommendations.

Great for More Than Bumps

A non-surgical nose job treatment can effectively change several aspects of the shape of your nose.  A bump is just one of them.  This treatment can also correct a droopy tip by using filler to lift it slightly.  It can also correct some of the angles in a nose which is crooked.

The only way a wider nose can be made smaller with injectables is if the widening is due to scar tissue.  A steroid can be injected into the scar tissue, dissolving it and causing your nose to shrink to its pre-scar tissue dimensions.


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As medical practitioners, we know that looking good elevates your mood, so we consider it a building block of overall wellbeing.

The non-surgical nose job treatment is available here at [primary_practice].  To find out if you’re a candidate, book a consultation with us.