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Voluma New Providence

While most people are familiar with the usual signs of aging – wrinkles, fine lines, brow furrows, facial folds – there is another equally devastating sign of advancing years: the hollowed, flattened contours of the mid-face and cheeks.

Up until now, patients had few options other than a surgical facelift for lifting, rejuvenating, and sagging weathered skin. With the introduction of Voluma DRC360 clients can achieve beautiful, firm profiles.


I visited DrC360 several times and this place is amazing. Staff is very nice and friendly.
They have great professionals who really care about their patients and their health.
I highly recommend this place!
-Ekaterine D.


How does Voluma work?

Formulated with hyaluronic acid – an organic compound responsible for volumizing and hydrating the skin – Voluma replaces nutrients lost to the aging process, bringing back the youthfulness of your younger years and with it, self-confidence in your appearance.

The typical Voluma session lasts just 30 minutes. Repeat visits are seldom necessary, as Voluma provides comprehensive improvement after just one treatment.

Benefits of Voluma

Safe, FDA-approved and effective
Non-surgical, non-invasive
Little to no downtime or discomfort
Long lasting results, up to two years
Lifts and firms the cheeks while adding volume
Tones and sculpts the jowls, reducing sagging
Appropriate for those with sensitive skin and/or allergies
Most popular and highest rate of customer satisfaction

A good candidate for Voluma…
Suffers from a loss of mid-face volume
Has flat, deflated or sunken cheeks

Recovering from Voluma

In most cases, clients return to work and their normal routines directly after treatment. Some patients may experience mild swelling, redness but these sensations will evaporate shortly after your injection, if not the next day. It’s best to avoid direct sunlight after Voluma, remembering to wear sunblock and perhaps wearing a sunhat. Abstaining from rigorous aerobics or weight-lifting for a few days is also a good idea.