Gentle and Effective Feminine Care in NJ with Votiva

Gentle and effective feminine care in NJ with Votiva is now available at [primary_practice].  We’re proud to offer this non-surgical solution for women experiencing challenges with the most intimate part of themselves and who seek an alternative to vaginoplasty.

Aging affects us more than physically, but our entire body is subject to time’s vagaries – women’s genitalia included.

The vagina is just as subject to time as the rest of a woman’s body is.  Kegel exercises can help tone the muscles of the pelvic floor, making urine retention less of an issue.  But sometimes, they’re not enough.

Now, there’s a uniquely effective treatment called Votiva.  If your vaginal muscle tone has suffered due to having several children and it’s causing you to feel a little less like yourself, Votiva can help.

Breaking the silence

We know this is a sensitive topic.  Women don’t want to talk much about the state of the most private area of their bodies.  But that serves no one.  At [primary_practice], we think it’s time women felt empowered to talk about it and to do something about it.

Women’s reproductive systems are complicated.  Women menstruate.  Women bear children.  The vagina is the conduit through which we all make our entry to the world.  We’ve all made our way toward the light and our human lives via the birth canal (the vagina).

We’ve all been there and we all understand the vagina’s role, so talking about what having children can do to the vagina shouldn’t be the taboo it is.

Your vagina is nothing to be ashamed of.

Why suffer?

Labial hypertrophy (the enlargement of the outer lips of the vagina) isn’t just a cosmetic issue.  It can hurt.  But because of societal prohibitions, women with this condition don’t talk about it.  They may avoid sex because of it.  And that’s simply not necessary.

Votiva has changed the game in this regard.

[primary_practice] offers this groundbreaking treatment and we’re breaking the silence about an amazing therapy that’s changing the lives of women everywhere.

The treatment is not unlike what most women will have experienced at gynecological examinations.  It’s a gentle, non-surgical treatment employing sub-dermal heating technology.  Heat is uniformly supplied by radiofrequency to targeted areas, using one of two handheld devices, allowing your doctor to treat these areas in isolation.

Votiva stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, restoring elasticity and suppleness lost due to childbirth, menopause and even chemotherapy and radiation.  It’s an excellent alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy for women who either can’t or don’t wish to source HRC for menopausal symptoms.

Votiva is changing lives by breaking the silence about women’s vaginal health and wellness.  [primary_practice] is bringing women new hope about vaginal rejuvenation, offering gentle and effective feminine care in NJ with Votiva for that very reason.  It’s a new way to address vaginal challenges and a non-surgical answer to the questionable practice of vaginoplasty.


If you’re ready to break the silence about your vaginal health, contact us.  We’ll consult with you about this life-changing treatment.