Should You Try IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a trend that’s sweeping the USA.  People are talking about it because it’s capable of supporting busy people, those struggling with health conditions and even those who’ve been out late the night before and overindulged.

Even energetic pop star, Rihanna, swears by IV treatment to keep her at the top of her game, looking and feeling her best for her adoring fans.

So, should you try IV therapy?  Here’s the 411.

How it works.

While some dismiss IV therapy as an intravenous energy drink, or a fad that will disappear as quickly as it rose to prominence, there’s more to it.

IV therapy employs intravenously administered agents which address specific problems.  At [primary_practice], we administer IV therapy for a range of purposes.  Each formulation is designed to address issues like fatigue, the side effects of chemotherapy, Lyme disease, weight loss and even better skin.

By drawing on compounds and substances found naturally in the body, IV therapy replenishes your system with what it needs most, according to why you’re receiving it.

The treatment has so many applications, it has an almost unlimited therapeutic reach.  But why is it so effective?

Straight into the bloodstream.

Medications which are administered intravenously are notoriously fast-acting.  They can address the issue at hand much more quickly than oral alternatives.  For example, if you’re hoping to boost your brain activity, you may take ginkgo, but in one 15-minute IV therapy session, you can get the same effect immediately.

The same is true of vitamin supplements.  They need time for the body to absorb them.  That’s not the case with IV therapy.  The effect is rapid and endures for a period of about two weeks.

A case in point.

Alyssa Jung, a reporter for Reader’s Digest, recently decided to find out for herself whether IV therapy was genuinely effective.

In her article, she reports that her curiosity was piqued by tales of celebrities sourcing the treatment for a variety of reasons.  She was determined to see, firsthand, what IV therapy could do.

In her own words, Alyssa reported feeling better than she had “in months”.  For two weeks following treatment, her energy returned and the winter doldrums she had been suffering from were reversed.

That’s powerful medicine.

Whether you’re seeking detoxification, a boost after a transatlantic flight, or increased overall wellbeing, IV therapy has something for everyone.  It’s an effective therapeutic tool that’s helping people all over the USA feel younger and more vital.

Should you try IV therapy?  At [primary_practice], we’ve seen exceptional outcomes with the use of the treatment, with guests reporting similar results to those Alyssa Jung reported in her Reader’s Digest article.  We think that’s well worth your time.

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