Why Winter is the Best Time for Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Most people start thinking about their summer beauty in the spring.  With the weather warming up and the clothes coming off, thoughts turn toward ways and means of being at your best under the summer sun.

But did you know that winter is the best time for cosmetic laser treatments?  You’ve been out of the sun for a while, so there’s no chance you’ll be sunburned.  Your skin is much better adapted at this time of year for laser treatments for that reason.

Let’s discuss why winter is the best time for cosmetic laser treatments, so you can get a jump on summer while it’s still cold out there.

It’s the lasers, too.

Having cosmetic laser treatments during the winter isn’t just about the sun.  It’s also about the energy in the lasers used in these therapies.  Technicians invariably advise guests to avoid showering with hot water in the days following treatment.  The skin, having already been heated by laser treatment, can become irritated by hot water.

Guests are also counseled to cover up newly treated skin to protect it from the elements.  Nothing could possibly be easier to do in the winter cold!

If you’re planning to have a course of cosmetic laser treatments, winter just makes the whole process easier.  Baby, it’s cold outside, so it’s easy to follow your tech’s instructions by covering up.

Skin rejuvenation.

Today’s aesthetics market is full of laser-based therapies and technologies to help your skin look its best.  But these are treatments which need you to work with them.  You’re not going to get the same results if you expose your newly treated skin to the sun, because of the nature of therapies in play.

These treatments do their best work when you’re out of the sun and as covered up as possible.  The same is true of laser hair removal, or any other process which employs lasers.  You may not feel the difference this makes, but you’ll see it in the results.

They’ll be much more dramatic.

Work with your tech.

Winter is the season you’re best positioned to work with your tech to derive maximum benefit from cosmetic laser treatments.  Spring can be too tempting a time for these, as with the sun newly-returned, you’ll be hard-pressed to hide from it.

Covered up from head to toe, your best moment for cosmetic laser treatments is during the cold months.  You’ll see optimal results and that’ll make both you and your tech happy.


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