What makes winter the best time to start body sculpting treatments?

Weight loss is a part of just about every plan to improve overall health, but it doesn't always provide the body-shaping effects that one would expect to come with it. Problem areas can persist, which are hard to target with diet and exercise alone. There are minimally and non-invasive treatment options in these cases designed to reduce fat, tone muscle, and more.

DRC is a lead provider in NJ of several body sculpting options like CoolSculpting, CoolTone, Emsculpt NEO, SculpSure, and BeautiFill. Springtime brings with it an uptick in interest around these treatments. It is because the "beach bod" summer months start entering the minds of people around the country at that time as the ice begins to thaw and the greenery blooms. We always communicate to our patients who ask that winter is the best time to have body sculpting treatments done. This post will explain why that is and give some helpful insight into body sculpting treatments that we offer here in New Providence at DRC 360.

How does body sculpting work?

Body sculpting is a blanket term for many different treatments to improve the body's shape, reduce fat, and increase muscle tone. Each treatment does so differently and encompasses different goals. Emsculpt NEO, for example, is a non-invasive treatment that reduces fat and tones muscle at the same time in the treated area, all while remaining entirely non-surgical.

Beautifull is a laser technology used to manually loosen fat without damaging it to harvest and re-add it to areas needing volume. An example would be removing fat from the belly to add it to the hips where the patient desires more volume. It's a variable treatment that can effectively treat areas like the abdomen, flanks, hips, bra area, back, and thighs, among others.

Every treatment for body contouring and shaping comes with its costs, post-care regimen, and other variables that need to be considered in your consultation before determining which is the best to meet your aesthetic goals.

What makes winter the best time to seek body sculpting treatments?

When you start body sculpting treatments during the winter, you open yourself up to various helpful benefits.

Starting a treatment like BeautiFill in the winter months gives you max time to transform your body and see full effects before summertime, where you will wear less and more revealing clothing. You can take full advantage of outerwear and the body concealment that it provides. Thicker, less revealing clothing will hide your body until you are ready for your big reveal.

You can also have the most time possible if you're looking to have multiple treatments and space them out as much as possible. You can maximize that time in between treatment or after treatment by making healthy diet and lifestyle choices, which are recommended with every body sculpting treatment if you want to see the best results possible.

You can find out more about body sculpting treatments in NJ with DRC 360 by calling our Providence, NJ Med Spa today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cavazos.