Which injectable is right for you?

People everywhere are turning to today’s advanced injectables to rejuvenate their skin and enjoy a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

There are so many types of injectables nowadays that consumers are spoiled for choice. The beauty of this new reality is that there’s an injectable on the market for virtually any aesthetic issue you’d like to address. Let’s look at some of the options and what they’re best suited for.


Everyone knows about Botox, but not everyone knows that it’s come a long way since being approved by the FDA in 2002. With its use more widely diffused, medical professionals have become more proficient in its application.
Botox is particularly helpful for deeper lines and wrinkles and can also serve as a preventative in areas like the outside corners of the eyes, where crow’s feet are known to form.
Lasting for between 3 and 6 months, Botox also has a lifting effect which can greatly improve the appearance of the forehead and cheeks.


Juvederm is an injectable filler, typically used for enhancing facial volume, particularly in the lower areas of the face, but also in the cheeks. Particularly useful for improving the appearance of the labial folds (lines running from the outside of each nostril to the corners of the mouth), it’s also effective for plumping up fine lines.
Juvederm is effective for up to a year following treatment – a distinct advantage for many people seeking additional volume in the face.


Kybella is one of the newer entrants to the field of injectables and the only one used to address the formation of fat in the jawline, under the chin.
Traditionally, liposuction has been used by those concerned about a double chin. But this option causes bruising and is considerably more invasive, due to the action of the cannula under the skin. Kybella is a minimally invasive option which melts fat cells, imparting a smoother, sharper appearance.


For those seeking greater fullness in the lips and cheeks, Restylane has a proven track record as a safe and effective injectable which adds volume in these areas. Also effective for addressing the under eye area, Restylane’s multiple applications make it one of the more popular injectables for facial volumization.

The first hyaluronic acid filler to be approved by the FDA, Restylane is also effective in boosting skin elasticity in key areas like the hands and décolletage.

Injectables are a growing area and these are only four of the options available. Which injectable is right for you depends a lot on what you’re hoping to achieve. From prevention to volumization, to improving your skin’s elasticity, injectables offer a minimally invasive way to reach your beauty goals.

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