Votiva Frequently Asked Questions

[primary_practice] is now proudly offering Votiva treatments.  This revolutionary advance in aesthetic surgery is helping women everywhere feel more confident by rejuvenating both internal and external tissues in the vaginal area.

Women are talking about Votiva and many of them have questions, so we’ve put together this brief post addressing Votiva frequently asked questions to answer some of them.

Let’s find out more about Votiva and what it has to offer women.

What is it?

Women know that the appearance and function of the vagina changes over time.  That’s especially true if you’ve had children.  Many women turn to surgery to address issues of muscle slackness and the changing appearance of the labia.

But Votiva precludes the need for surgery.  With no anesthetic and no recovery time, Votiva improves blood circulation in the area and addresses challenges of sensitivity.  Also addressed are elasticity and the appearance of the vulva and labia.

Votiva takes only a few minutes per treatment, one of the primary reasons it’s gaining widespread popularity.

What’s it like?

Using two handheld devices, Votiva applies heat technology.  The Fractora V and Forma V devices are used both internally and externally to improve muscle and skin tone.

Hypertrophy of the labia (meaning enlargement, or lengthening) and laxity of vaginal muscles are treated using Votiva and deep heating can be applied to encourage the production of elastin and collagen, which serve to improve the skin’s elasticity.

When will I see results?

Everyone’s different, but some patients see results after one session.  Usually, two sessions are required for optimal results.

But Votiva works over time, with the most dramatic results seen several weeks after the initial treatments.  Subsequent sessions will increase the effectiveness of Votiva.

Will it hurt?

Because this treatment uses heat produced by lasers, there’s little in the way of discomfort.  Some patients report discomfort on insertion of the device, but this more to do with nervousness on the part of the patient, which promotes vaginal dryness.

The therapy is virtually painless.

Am I a candidate for Votiva?

Votiva is most beneficial for women who’ve given birth, are experiencing the symptoms of menopause, or are encountering vaginal difficulties like dryness, due to chemotherapy.

Women who’ve undergone hysterectomies may also benefit greatly from Votiva therapy.

Votiva is a breakthrough in vaginal rejuvenation.  It help women feel more comfortable and whole, by addressing issues arising from all the challenges enumerated above.  At [primary_practice], we’re proud to be able to offer women this excellent alternative to corrective surgery.

In good hands with [primary_practice].

Because we’re a medical facility which offers aesthetic services, we’re staffed by professionals with your total wellbeing in mind.

In tandem with our primary care services, we offer people from all walks of life leading edge medical cosmetic treatments.  We know that when you look good, you feel good.  At [primary_practice], we treat the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

If you believe you’re a candidate for Votiva, please contact us to schedule a consultation.  We hope these Votiva frequently asked questions have resolved any concerns.