Votiva – An Amazing Answer to Women’s Health Issues

A new treatment called Votiva can resolve the intimate concerns that women develop after a childbirth, as they age or because of any other cause.

With Votiva, all the discomfort and bad feelings about yourself will be gone! This is a new effective, gentle, safe and non-invasive treatment.

Votiva deals with both internal and external vaginal issues with clinically approved technologies.

When to Choose Votiva?

  • If there are some changes when you look at your outward genitalia like darkening of the tissue, wrinkling of labia and vulva or lack of elasticity
  • If you feel pain during an intercourse because your vagina is dry and lining of vaginal vault is thin
  • If you have leaks from urinary incontinence
  • If you feel pain that is caused by labial hypertrophy
  • If your pelvic muscles experience weakening
  • If you don’t enjoy sex anymore because you don’t feel comfortable, and there is a low flow of blood to your genitalia

What Is Votiva?

Votiva is a vaginal rejuvenation which consist of Forma V and Fractora V technologies.

Forma V (internal & external) uses radiofrequency energy to produce increased activity of collagen and make tissues more tight.

The treatment wand is used inside of vagina, similar to pelvic ultrasound, to make vaginal mucosa thicker and vaginal vault more tight to help with vaginal dryness.

Forma V is also used to help when you have accidental leakage of urine and it will strengthen your pelvic floor.

When Forma V is used externally, it radiates radiofrequency energy to shrink the skin, and the genitalia looks aesthetically much better.

It thickens the tissues and the blood flow to the tissues is improved which contributes to sensitivity and makes sexual intercourse runs normal.

Fractora V (external) gives extra collagen stimulation and contraction of the tissue to better-looking of the genitalia. Coagulation penetrates up to 2.5 mm.

Also, it can bleach the darkened tissues and remodel major labia.

The Length of the Treatment

Votiva sessions last about 60 minutes and usually it’s enough to have three sessions.(You will feel just a warm sensation during the procedure…) The treatments should be repeated every six to twelve months.

The Results

What makes Votiva amazing is that you can see the external difference after only 10 minutes! All the patients are so excited when they leave the clinic because of this quick change!

Over the next days and weeks, there will be even more improvement.

Any Downtime?

With Votiva there is actually no downtime! You might experience only mild discomfort during or right after the treatment. For some patients there is no uneasiness at all…

Schedule a Pre-Consultation

First, you will have a pre-consultation with the physician. You will speak about what you expect and what your concerns are. The doctor will see if you are a suitable candidate for Forma V or Fractora V, or both, for optimal results.

If you desire a non-surgical treatment to deal with your feminine health problems, don’t hesitate but choose Votiva.

Schedule your appointment with [primary_practice] today and experience improvement with your feminine issues. Our highly trained professionals will do miracles for you!