Vampire Facials (aka PRP facials) Are Still Trending

The name for the treatment is arresting, all by itself.  Nothing grabs people’s attention more easily than vampires (with the possible exception of zombies).  But as news of this groundbreaking cosmetic treatment spreads, people increasingly seek it out.

While Kim Kardashian’s 2013 revelation of her love of the therapy dropped more than a few jaws, that shock has translated into pleasant surprise.  The word is out that vampire facials (aka PRP facials) are still trending because they’re amazing.

An exotic newcomer.

Coming on the scene as a curiosity hasn’t put a dent in the vampire facials’ popularity.  It’s trending, as people become more interested in minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments.  Inquisitive beauty enthusiasts are seeking out information online about vampire facials in greater numbers now than ever before.

But even though it sounds exotic, or even bizarre, there’s science behind it which makes sense.  What makes even more sense are the results this exotic newcomer is responsible for producing.

What is PRP?

That little acronym is what it’s all about.  PRP (platelet rich plasma) is the active ingredient in the therapy popularly known as the vampire facial.  The ingredient is isolated in a centrifuge and where does that ingredient come from?


Your own blood is the source of PRP used in vampire facials.  A very small amount is drawn and the PRP is extracted by the process described above.

How does it work?

A topical anesthetic is applied to the guest’s face to reduce sensation.  Ultra-fine, sterile needles are then employed in a process called “microneedling” which creates tiny entry points. This allows the PRP to absorb into the skin through multiple layers, allowing the guest to receive optimal benefit from the nutrients carried in the substance.

Because of the anesthetic used, the procedure is comfortable, demanding very little recovery time.  Some guests go back to what they were doing immediately before coming in for the treatment.  Others take the day to rest.

What are the benefits?

At [primary_practice], our experience of the vampire facial has been overwhelmingly positive.  Because the treatment encourages enhanced collagen production, the skin is rejuvenated, taking on a fresher, healthier appearance.

The therapy also reduces the appearance of fine lines and scarring.

Guests usually see results following a series of 4 treatments (4-6 weeks apart).  Results are progressive throughout the therapeutic process and continue to be more noticeable over several weeks, following the final session.

Skin appears radiant and revitalized, due to the natural activity of the PRP and the healing ability of your own blood.

What could be more natural than calling on your own body’s almost supernatural ability to heal itself?


At [primary_practice], our technicians are professionally trained to administer vampire facials and numerous other cosmetic therapies to help you look and feel like the best version of you possible.

Vampire facials (aka PRP facials) are still trending because the word on the street is that this therapy is exceptionally effective, while minimally invasive.

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