Super C IV Therapy: A Major Vitamin C Boost

Vitamin C is naturally present in a number of different types of foods and is an indispensable dietary component. While we all know that vitamin C is a very important nutrient, most of us may not know exactly why it is important.

Benefits of Vitamin C

There are numerous benefits of vitamin C. It is an antioxidant that helps to regenerate other antioxidants in the body. It plays a vital role in building connective tissue and wound healing, since it improves the absorption of iron.

Vitamin C regulates blood-pressure levels and improves heart health. It is an immunity booster and helps prevent cancer. It also aids in the treatment of osteoarthritis and viral infections. It supports in the treatment of eczema and protects against skin dryness and discoloration. It enhances hair growth and fights dandruff. It is an energy booster and aids in weight loss.

The best way to take vitamin C is by including the foods that are rich in the vitamin in your diet. Vitamin C supplements contain the vitamin in the form of ascorbic acid that can be consumed. These supplements have benefits for the skin and overall health.

Vitamin C injections, also called intravenous vitamin C, are a convenient and cutting-edge way to increase your vitamin C intake.

Super C: Intravenous Vitamin C

Super C is the intravenous infusion of 12,500 mg of vitamin C. IV vitamin therapy gives the body vitamins and minerals better than pills by allowing the nutrients to enter directly into the bloodstream.

It is popular as an immune system boost for increased energy. It helps to detox and cleanse the body, and it complements beauty and anti-aging wellness. It provides immediate hydration and acts as a stress reliever.

Super C IV therapy is essential for immunity, wound healing, skin brightening, revitalizing optimum health, and as a complementary treatment in cancer patients. All vitamin infusions contain mega-doses of B vitamins, high-dose magnesium, and calcium. It also includes an assortment of nutrient minerals like selenium, zinc, chromium, manganese, and copper.

Giving vitamin C intravenously creates blood levels that are 100 to 500 times higher than levels seen with oral ingestion. The super-high concentration in the blood is crucial to vitamin C's ability to attack cancer cells.

IV vitamin C is known to improve immune function and stimulate white blood cells to fight infection. They have been shown to kill cancer cells, viruses, and mold toxins. IV vitamin C infusions can enhance standard procedures by decreasing side effects and improving wellbeing.

Super C IV therapy is formulated to make the skin glow. It gives the immune system a super-boost to fight colds, flu, stress, and low energy.

This therapy is to be avoided if you have:

• A history of kidney disorder
• An inherited disorder called G-6-PD deficiency (due to the risk of hemolysis)
• Hemochromatosis, a condition in which the body takes in and stores more iron than it needs

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