Stress and your skin

Stress is a modern menace that can undermine your health in numerous ways. And one of those ways is attacking the health of your skin.

Combatting stress is a pressing preoccupation for busy, hardworking people in our times. We’re starting to understand the heavy toll it exacts on our well being, so most of us are on a quest to find stress-reduction solutions that work and safeguard our overall health.

This post will examine some of the ways stress can damage your skin and how to manage it more effectively.

Cortisol production.

When stress strikes, it triggers the release of the hormone cortisol. Once this hormone is coursing through your system, the affect on your skin can range from dryness to excess oiliness to severe acne. Premature wrinkling may also occur.

Cortisol can increase the presence of sugars in your circulatory system, producing an effect called glycation. The result is that your skin’s collagen hardens, reducing its elasticity, which can result in wrinkles.

The production of cortisol due to stress can also decrease your skin’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid. If you’ve heard of it, we’re not surprised. This natural-occurring moisturizing agent is widely available in a variety of cosmetic applications, including the injectable, Restylane.

Excess adrenaline.

Something else you should be aware of when considering stress and your skin is the release of adrenaline during times of elevated stress levels. Adrenaline is produced when our body perceives a threat. It’s what we feel when we experience “fight or flight” and is the body’s way of protecting us from predators.

In the days of our ancient ancestors, those predators may have been lions and tigers and bears. These days, our number one predator is stress. Adrenaline production due to stress reduces the supply of blood to the skin and all the nutrients associated with healthy blood flow, which are needed by your skin to be at its best. One of the most important of those nutrients is, of course, oxygen.

So how do we combat stress and the skin damage it can cause?

Stress busters.

Exercise is one of the most effective means of combatting stress. It helps you sleep better and supports the healthy functioning of all your body’s organs, including its largest – your skin. Regular exercise helps boost circulation and increase the supply of oxygen to your skin.

Don’t skimp when it comes to a good night’s rest. Make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours, each night. Your body needs to recover and rebuild itself after its daily rigors, so get the rest you need to allow your skin recuperative time.

Learn to laugh at life and spend less time majoring in the minors. Let it all roll off, as you take the time to rest and renew. Nurture yourself!

Stress is a modern predator with serious health implications. Learning to manage it, you’ll find, is an enormous gift to yourself and your skin.

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