Sculpsure Offers a Noninvasive Option for Fat Reduction

If you’re reading this, then you will have heard that Sculpsure is the other side of the coin from Coolsculpting.

Allow us to explain:  Coolsculpting targets stubborn areas of fat that won’t shift, regardless how healthy your eating habits are or how diligent you are about exercise.  Sculpsure does that too.

So, what’s the difference?

The difference is temperature.  Whereas Coolsculpting targets fat with cold, freezing fat cells and killing the membrane that contains them, Sculpsure does something similar, only with heat.

So, while the two therapies have a common goal, they go about achieving it differently.  Like Coolsculpting, Sculpsure offers a noninvasive option for fat reduction.  Let’s find out more.

Advantages, with Sculpsure

Because it employs a sophisticated laser to perform its work, Sculpsure has some distinct advantages over Coolsculpting.  A briefer treatment period and less discomfort are two key advantages offered by this groundbreaking technology.

The treatment also presents less numbness than guests experience with Coolsculpting.

What’s the Treatment Like?

A 25-minute session with Sculpsure involves the use of a sophisticated digital panel, by which your technician can select your demographic markers.  Several attachments are then placed on the area to be treated and the technology is engaged.

Guests will hear something like the sound of a fan running in the treatment room, as the machine used cycles through heating and cooling as therapy proceeds.

The attachments heat the skin to a temperature ranging between 42 and 47 degrees Celsius, but guests usually comment that the sensation they experience is that of cooling.  The skin tingles and a slight cramping sensation should be experienced.

If guests find the cramping involved too uncomfortable, the machine is turned down.  If they feel nothing like this, it’s turned up, as the cramping sensation is pirvotal to the success of the treatment.

Who’s a Candidate?

As with Coolsculpting, candidates for Sculpsure should have a BMI of no more than 30.  That’s because, like Coolsculpting, Sculpsure is not a weight loss therapy.  It’s intended to reduce fat in problem areas which haven’t responded to diet and exercise.

Non-invasive Sculpsure is rapid and comfortable to spot reduce fat, without incisions, anesthesia or downtime.  Following treatment, patients are encouraged to enhance results by continuing in a healthy lifestyle, with massage of the treated area and high water intake assisting the lymphatic system’s elimination of the contents of the treated fat cells.

Over time, as fat cells are eliminated, the area treated will be revealed as smoother and tauter.  That’s important to know, as results won’t be seen immediately.  As with any aesthetic treatment model, it’s important that patients know what to expect.

Sculpsure at [primary_practice]

Sculpsure offers a non-invasive option for fat reduction.  If you’ve read this with interest and would like to know more, we encourage to contact us for a consultation.

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