SculpSure Laser Fat Removal – Destroy Stubborn Fat Cells

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you do. There’s always one stubborn little part of your body that won’t respond to diet or exercise. You glare at it in the mirror. You ask it to leave (nicely). You give it a good talking to.

Alas, it’s still there, regardless of your appreciable efforts.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But here’s the thing. You can banish it from wherever it clings to your otherwise extraordinarily well-tended form, with SculpSure laser fat removal. Destroy stubborn fat cells with this FDA-approved spot reduction technology.

Put an end to your daily discussions with your problem area and get rid of it for good.

The secret life of fat cells.

There are only a certain number of fat cells in your body and these remain constant throughout your life. When you decide to lose weight, you diminish the amount of fat stored in these cells, but the cells remain.

But that’s not the case with SculpSure. This amazing advance in spot reduction technology acts to kill the offending cells – for good. Once they’re gone, they’re not coming back. They’re gone, never to return again.

Just 6 weeks after you’ve completed treatment, results are visible. Optimal results are seen in 12 weeks. In a series of 25-minute treatments (how many depends on your goals), you’ll have finally sent your problem area packing.

Skin in the area treated is taut and elastic and best of all – fat cell free.

How it works.

SculpSure technology uses heat to target fat cells, destroying their structural integrity. There’s no damage to any other tissue in the area. The only casualty is the fat cells you want to rid yourself of.

Gradually, your body’s lymphatic system eliminates the cells and their contents – a natural process with no side effects, no downtime and minimal discomfort.

And as discussed above, those cells are gone for good, once they’re gone. Fat cells can’t regenerate or re-establish themselves, once treated.

Treatment is customized to your goals. Some may want to treat multiple areas, while others have just one area they want to address. Results are gradual and progressive, becoming more evident with time.

People who take advantage of this groundbreaking technology report a satisfaction rate of no less than 90%.

You only need one chin.

If you’ve got more than one chin and you’re ready to do something about it, the time is now. SculpSure has been FDA-cleared for use on this stubborn area. That means you can kiss the extra chin goodbye and say hello to a sculpted jawline.

Because SculpSure is so effective, your results will be completely natural-looking. There will be no indication that you’ve “done” anything, but perhaps shed a few pounds.

The origin of your newly-sculpted jawline will be our little secret.

Those frustrating pockets of unwanted fat that resist your best efforts needn’t frustrate you any longer. Now you can take action with SculpSure and melt them away. It’s easy, non-invasive and available at [primary_practice].

Contact us to find out more about SculpSure. Blossom into a whole new you!