Say Goodbye to Excess Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Life for the hirsute (those of material body hair growth) is seldom easy.  The removal of excess body hair is a time-consuming affair.  Some opt for depilatory creams and wax, while others shave it off.

No matter how you slice it, hair removal is a bit of a pain.

But if you’re one of the hirsute among us, you can say goodbye to excess body hair with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal goes well beyond the temporary solutions listed above, because it removes the hair follicle. Without the follicle, there’s no hair and that’s good news for those who’ve grown weary of the war on excess body hair.

Winning the war.

The lasers used in this hair removal technique penetrate the skin, targeting the site of hair production.  Without harming adjacent tissue, follicles are eliminated.

Keep in mind that hair (like the nails on our toes and fingers) consists of dead cells.  These are produced inside the follicle.  Once it’s eliminated, there are no more cells to create hair.  The pore from which the follicle once grew also contracts slightly, lending your skin a more polished appearance.

With laser hair removal, you’re winning the war on excess body hair, because it’s a permanent solution that works.


Sun Tzu no doubt said something about preparation being an important element of warfare and laser hair removal is no different.  You need to prepare your skin prior to treatment.

When you consult with a technician about laser hair removal, you’ll be advised about your suitability for the therapy and what you can expect in terms of results.  You’ll also get an estimate about duration of treatment.

The technician consulting will then advise you to refrain from sun exposure in the weeks leading up to treatment.  You may also be asked to shave the area.  Unlike other methods of hair removal, like waxing and sugaring, there’s no need to allow hair to grow out, as it’s the follicle that’s targeted.

It’s easy.

Using a handheld instrument which is run over the areas hair is being removed from, the technician targets laser light which is absorbed by hair follicles.  Goggles are worn to prevent any possibility of the lasers used damaging sensitive eyes.

Several sessions are usually required to remove excess hair to your satisfaction.  Whether it’s your back, shoulders, legs or any other area of your body being treated, the lasting effects of laser hair removal can be assured by returning for touch ups.  Any areas in which follicles may not have been caught during the initial treatments will be addressed and you will have won the war on excess hair!

It’s that easy.

Winning with [primary_practice].

[primary_practice] is a comprehensive wellness clinic, where our team knows that looking your best means feeling your best.  We understand that excess hair can mean hours of your time spent trying to keep it at bay.

We can help you beat it back – for keeps!

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