Rejuvenate Your Skin with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

It’s not just age that affects the health and appearance of our skin.  It’s the environment, free radicals, the sun, wind and cold, stress, nutrition and overall health.  Genetics also play a pivotal role in the quality of our skin.

We all know there are many ways to address tired skin.  Some of it has to do with self-care – drinking enough water, getting sufficient exercise and rest and following a daily skincare regime.  Those are the foundation of good skin.

But if you’re hoping to dramatically rejuvenate your skin, Platelet Rich Plasma is the new aesthetic strategy that’s rendering incredible results.  Popularly referred to as the “Vampire Facial”, the treatment’s arousing nickname may put some people off, but we highly recommend the results we’ve seen our guests have with this therapy.

You can rejuvenate your skin with platelet rich plasma (PRP) with one 90-minute session.

How it works

Guests arriving for their treatment sessions have a topical numbing gel applied.  This takes 40-45 minutes to dull sensation.  As the numbing agent is being applied, the technician takes a small quantity of your blood.

This blood is then placed in a centrifuge.  The resulting plasma is still your blood, but it’s now enhanced and rich with platelets.  Those platelets are what’s going to stimulate collagen production and give your face a new lease on life.

How it’s applied

The attending technician will then apply the PRP to your face and start working over small sections with a microneedling pen.  This causes the PRP to reach below the epidermis to get your skin’s natural collagen-producing abilities pumped up.

Imagine an electric toothbrush being run over your skin.  With the numbing solution applied, that’s all you’ll feel.

This process takes 45 minutes.

And now, for the results!

Following the session, patients experience some redness, swelling and sometimes minor bruising, but these side effects resolve in several days.

Your technician will either provide you with cleansing and moisturizing products to assist the healing process or suggest appropriate products that won’t clog pores.

In no more than 3 days, any redness will have resolved and you’ll see the results you were hoping for – soft, glowing skin enlivened by heightened collagen production – provoked with the use of your own body’s natural power.

Following PRP, results will continue to build for several months after treatment.  Guests report greatly improved elasticity, an undeniable glow and soft, smooth skin texture.

While PRP therapy may not be for everyone (especially those who don’t like the sight of blood), there’s no doubt that it delivers striking results.  So, even if blood (or vampires) makes you a little queasy, it may be worth your while to come in and talk to us about it.


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