Rejuvenate Your Hands by Fixing Bulging Veins

You do everything in your power to look your best.  But when you look down at your hands, you’ve noticed they seem to be aging more quickly than the rest of you.

The veins are ropey and bulge unattractively, making you self-conscious.  Superstar Madonna was so unhappy with the appearance of her hands that she wore demi-gloves to disguise them.

But the problem with bulging veins in your hands has nothing to do with disease.  Unlike varicose veins found in the legs, the appearance of large, ropey veins in your hands is caused by a reduction of skin elasticity and concurrent thinning of the skin.  This makes the veins more conspicuous.

But you can turn back the hands of time with the help of your friends at [primary_practice].

Injectable Magic

Much like the non-surgical nose job, injectables for bulging veins is a sleight of hand.

Non-surgical nose jobs use injectables to create an optical illusion.  Instead of subtracting something, they add something – volume.  This disguises the appearance of a bump on the nose or an irregular shape.

Injectables work the same way.  By increasing the volume in your hands, the appearance of bulging veins is mitigated.

Platelet-rich plasma is another handy helper we really like, at [primary_practice].  Derived from your own blood, PRP stimulates collagen production, which in turn leads to softer, smoother, more elastic skin.  The rejuvenating effect with this treatment is quite striking.

Emerging Treatments

We’re watching developments concerning a treatment developed by a doctor in Encino, California.  Called Rejuvehands. The technique he uses was developed from one used for veins in the leg.

When employed to remove veins in the legs, the procedure is known as hook phlebectomy.  A tool is used to remove segments of the veins involved through tiny incisions.

While this is an invasive technique, it’s yet more evidence that people are thinking about improving the appearance of their hands as they age. There’s a strong market for hand rejuvenation therapies out there, and the medical aesthetics community is responding to it with innovation.

Other Helpful Therapies

If you’ve got bulging veins, having brown spots on top of them isn’t making matters any better.  Sometimes treating the brown spots is another step toward more beautiful hands.

Laser treatment and Intense Pulsed Light are both effective ways of addressing brown spots on the hands.  When used in conjunction with injectables and/or PRP, you can greatly reduce the signs of aging in your hands, making them match the rest of you!

And that’s a wonderful thing.

Rejuvenating your hands by fixing bulging veins is possible, especially when you have a friend like [primary_practice] working toward your goals with you.

Bye Bulging Veins!

If you’re ready to say “bye” to your bulging veins, come talk to the professionals at [primary_practice].  We’re a combination medical clinic, featuring primary care, anti-aging support and a full suite of medical cosmetic services.

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