QWO Cellulite Injections - Non-Surgical Cellulite Injections in New Jersey

It's been a long time since a new FDA-approved treatment for cellulite has hit the scene. QWO is a cellulite injection that is non-invasive and effective, eliminating the need for painful laser and incision-based therapies for cellulite.

What is QWO?

QWO at DRC 360 is the world's only FDA-approved injectible used for treating cellulite. QWO is injected and disrupts the fibers responsible for creating cellulite in the first place, which results in a smoother appearance of the skin where injections are done and the surrounding area. It's FDA-approved and used for the treatment of cellulite in womens' buttocks.

What is cellulite, and how does it happen?

Cellulite happens when fat is trapped under the skin, presenting itself as a dimpling or wavy appearance to the skin's surface. It's less smooth than what you were used to when you were younger, leaving the skin with irregular bumps, ups, and downs.

Quick notes on cellulite

  • Cellulite happens when the skin dimples around pockets of fat on the buttocks and other areas, though QWO focuses only on the buttocks. Cellulite has nothing to do with the laxity or sagging of the skin.
  • Cellulite appears from the banding of collagen (also known as septae) that tethers the skin to the muscles. As fat accumulates between the skin and the muscle, dimples appear when the septae tightens the skin to the muscle around pockets of fat. This causes the fat to appear circled by divots and dimples that we know as cellulite.
  • There is currently no permanent treatment for cellulite. There are many treatments that use things like lasers, incisions, and energies like radiofrequency. The longest any of these current treatments will last is 3 years. Cellulite is not treated by procedures like liposuction, which are used to remove fat manually, though they can have some effect.
  • Cellulite is a common issue, experienced by 85% to 90% of all women, regardless of weight. Cellulite does not affect men the same way because of differences in male and female anatomy and the way the septae form.

How do QWO cellulite injections work?

The doctor directly injects QWO into dimples of cellulite on the buttocks. It can take up to 12 injections for a single treatment and up to 24 for two treatments. Once injected, QWO targets collagen to release the septae, releasing the tension that causes dimpling of the skin, making the skin appear much smoother. 

How often do you need QWO cellulite injections?

There is still much data being collected about the best way to inject QWO. It was just released in the Spring of 2021. In clinical trials, it was injected three times, each treatment being three weeks apart, to produce the best results for patients.

Is QWO better than other cellulite treatments?

Other cellulite treatments accomplish their purpose by severing septae, either using tiny blades, lasers, or radiofrequency. The difference is QWO does the same job, only with chemicals, eliminating the need for pain being performed with a simple series of injections, similar to BOTOX. QWO is less invasive than any other treatment and requires the least amount of downtime.