Preventing Regrowth After Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is sought out by more and more people to control and remove excess hair.  But what many people don’t understand about the treatment is that it doesn’t guarantee some follicles won’t remain.

Laser hair removal works by removing the hair follicle, which is under the skin.  That’s the source of the hair, so ostensibly, when the follicle is removed, the hair can’t grow back.  It’s when stray follicles (which can be addressed in subsequent touchups) remain, that regrowth occurs.

But there are some simple actions you can take toward preventing regrowth after laser hair removal.  Let’s discuss your part in making your laser hair removal sessions much more successful.

Taking care of your hair.

Why would you undergo a cosmetic treatment (an investment of time and money), only to mess it up by reverting to your old hair removal strategies?  A lot of people do, surprisingly.

The worst thing you can do, following laser hair removal, is to either shave or pluck regrowth.  Between treatments, avoid being impatient.  Laser hair removal takes time and while you may want to rush ahead to the smoother you, plucking and shaving promote more rapid hair growth and are to be avoided at all costs.

Love your skin.

Following laser hair removal, you may experience some redness of the treated areas.  Taking care of affected skin would seem to be a no brainer, but many people neglect their skin, thinking perhaps that it’s better left alone.

Place skin lotion in the fridge, applying it to the affected area cold.  Applying a cold compress can also be helpful, as well as using aloe vera gel.

No sun for you.

While your technician no doubt told you to avoid the sun before your laser hair treatments, some folks just don’t listen.  But it’s crucial that you avoid sun exposure while you’re undergoing the therapy.

When going outdoors, be sure to apply a high factor sunscreen of 30 SPF.  A higher factor than 30, despite claims to the contrary, has no effect.  30 is the highest effective sunscreen factor.  Beyond that number, it’s all marketing.

Slather on the moisture.

Your skin thrives on moisture.  It’s what it needs to be at its radiant best.  Following laser hair removal, moisture is even more important, as the treatment can cause dryness.

The moment you’re toweled off following a shower or bath, it’s therefore crucial that you apply a lotion or cream to retain residual water from cleansing.

If you’re a bather, a little oil in the bathwater is a great way to give your skin a treat and restore the crucial balance of moisture in your skin it needs to look its best.  Moisturizing can also slow the regrowth of hair, when applied as a regular ritual.


Preventing regrowth after laser hair removal is something you can do to contribute to your results.  Follow these simple tips to keep regrowth to a minimum and to maintain your skin in the treated areas at its healthiest.

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