Prepare for sunnier days ahead with fall QWO treatments

This is the season to prepare for the sunnier days ahead! The holidays go fast for all of us, and before you know it, the spring and summer months are approaching! Get ahead of your cellulite issues and be ready for the summer months with QWO treatments this fall.

Why do QWO treatments this fall?

QWO is a new, non-surgical solution for cellulite in the buttocks. Like most injections, QWO can cause some bruising at the injection site that will last for days after the treatment is done. Due to this, fall is a great time to have your treatments completed. Take advantage of being bundled and up heal back to full recovery with reduced cellulite while being able to cover up!

QWO New Jersey with DRC 360

If you're interested in reducing the appearance of unsightly cellulite, get in touch with us today at the office. We are happy to discuss your long-term appearance goals and how we can get there together with non-surgical, recovery-free injectable treatments like QWO.