Nirvana- Relaxation and Stress Relief Therapy

In Buddhist practice, Nirvana is the destination.  It’s a place where there’s no desire (the source of all stress according to Buddhists) or suffering.

But when most of us think of what the word “Nirvana” means, we think of idyllic, rhapsodic peace, relaxation and sense of total wellbeing, in which all is right with the world.

We’re all looking for that state of blissful, contented calm.  But it’s so hard to come by in a busy world.  Economic and family pressures, work and just taking public transit or going to the grocery store are all sources of what’s known as the “silent killer” – stress.

At [primary_practice], Nirvana – relaxation and stress relief therapy – is part of our suite of IV therapy treatments.  We offer it as a fast track to feeling better about life by restoring balance in the body.

Straight to the Heart of the Matter

There are myriad ways to address life stressors.  Some meditate.  Others exercise.  Some escape with a variety of substances.  But Nirvana – relaxation and stress relief therapy – is an alternative that’s delivered directly to your blood stream.  This means that your body derives immediate benefit and you’ll know that sense of calm and tranquility you so ardently desire, immediately following your session.

That’s the wonder of IV therapy.

Delivering What the Body Needs

Stress isn’t just an attitude problem.  It’s more than a bad mood.  Sustained stress can physically affect you, changing your body chemistry and slowly leading to diminished health.

And it’s not just a sense of physical malaise.  Stress can cause a host of symptoms, like headaches, pain in the joints, difficulties with the intestinal tract and other ailments.  It can even contribute to the spread of cancer cells.

IV therapy immediately addresses stress by delivering a combination of essential vitamins and hydration.  Because intravenous therapy flows directly into your blood stream, the effects are striking.  By delivering what your body needs to feel in balance and ready for the challenges of life, you immediately feel more in tune, responsive and positive.

Sometimes, specific circumstances call for tailored solutions, like the addition of a Vitamin C drip or a natural sleep aid to promote a healthier night’s rest.  Nirvana – relaxation and stress relief therapy – is a revolution in a world that often moves so fast, we forget where the brakes are.

A Shift and a Change

Stress often makes us irritable and short-tempered without our even being aware.  We’re so exhausted, we hardly know what day it is, much less that we’re behaving like ogres.  What Nirvana IV therapy does is give our bodies a chance to reset themselves to create a more positive physical environment.

Once this shift occurs, it’s easier to understand what we’ve been missing out on – wellbeing.  That’s why our practitioners always share with guests the benefits of augmenting the effects of Nirvana IV therapy with healthy practices like spending more time exercising and eating healthier food.

Is life making you a little cranky?  Let [primary_practice] help, with Nirvana – relaxation and stress relief therapy.