It’s Never Too Early to Prevent Aging, or Too Late to Restore Youth

A friend’s aunt (known for her youthful appearance, at age 80) once told me, “You can slow it down, but you can’t stop it”.

Sage words and accurate ones, too.  But even though aging is inevitable, there’s no reason to take it lying down and my friend’s aunt was living proof.

The day comes for all of us when we look in the mirror and ask ourselves where that line came from.  It’s a shocking day and it’s a call to action.  The truth is that it’s never too early to prevent aging, or too late to restore youth.

In today’s contemporary medical cosmetics market, the possibilities to stop the clock, or to turn it back, are numerous.  Here are some of our favorites, at [primary_practice].

Botox – the granddaddy of injectables.

Of all the injectables out there today, Botox has been around the longest.  Botox has been proven effective for not only turning back the clock but for the prevention of lines and wrinkles before they happen.

Because Botox works by limiting the range of motion of the muscles involved in forming facial expressions, it can stop the lines which result from those expressions from ever forming.

In the event of lines that have already appeared, Botox’s muscle-limiting action causes their appearance to be greatly diminished.


Micro-needling is a revolutionary aesthetic service that causes the collagen in your skin to be amplified, by inducing its increased production.  The production of elastin in the skin is also improved, leading to renewed, youthful-looking skin.

The effect of micro-needling is usually noticeable immediately, with results increasing over the six months following the final treatment.  Usually administered in 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart, micro-needling is a welcome entrant to the world of medical cosmetics.

Chemical peel.

The chemical peel has been around a while, but over time, it’s been refined and is now one of the most popular aesthetic answers to aging skin, or to help preserve a youthful appearance.

When we’re young and our skin is at its best, our cells turn over every 18 to 20 days.  But as we get older, this process slows, meaning we need to encourage the process.  Chemical peels can do that, re-creating the fresh look we had when cell-turnover occurred naturally.

Effective for all skin types, chemical peels vary in intensity and can be used in concert with other treatments.

As you can see, it’s never too early to prevent aging, or too late to restore youth, when you have access to a professional resource like [primary_practice].  Here, we practice the Gold Circle of Care, providing our guests with primary care services and beauty resources like those described above.

We invite you to schedule a consultation to explore the many possibilities offered by our suite of services, to support you in your quest to look and feel your very best.  Our professional technicians offer all our guests personalized advice, taking into consideration factors like skin type and the optimal therapies for their individual needs.