Minimize Wrinkles with Little Downtime

As we age, our faces change.  It’s just a fact of life.  But how we face that is up to us.

Wrinkles are something few of us like.  Some say wrinkles add character.  All the same, not everyone is happy to look in the mirror and see a new line on their face.

We smile, laugh, grimace, frown and squint through our lives, so it’s obvious that the skin on our faces takes quite a beating.  Then, there are the elements to contend with, free radicals, stress and other factors which affect the quality and elasticity of our skin.

Sometimes, a good skin care regimen and other self-care fall short, so we need an anti-wrinkle helper.

There are several ways to minimize wrinkles with little downtime.  So, let’s review some of these effective supports to keep skin looking as fresh and youthful as possible.


A quantum leap forward from the aggressive nature of its precursor dermabrasion, microdermabrasion is achieved over the course of several treatments.  Using fine particles to buff old skin away, the therapy reveals a layer of fresh, pristine skin, free of wrinkles and sun damage.


Botox, when administered by a skilled professional, is a highly effective way to minimize wrinkling.  By limiting the mobility of muscles involved in the area in question, Botox creates a more supple, smooth appearance.  Results are visible in between 3-5 days and last from 3-6 months.

Dermal fillers.

These aesthetic products represent a giant step in beauty technology.  Capable of lifting and smoothing the skin, there is a wide field of dermal fillers which includes a product to reach virtually every imaginable wrinkle-correction goal.  Some dermal fillers even increase collagen production.

Chemical peels.

The area of chemical peels has been greatly refined in recent years.  Effectively, this type of treatment lifts off damaged, wrinkled skin, correcting flaws like brown spots, induced by the sun.  Most of the advanced products now in use cause minimal redness and flaking, with diligent maintenance following treatment.

Look the way you feel.

Not everybody believes that wrinkles add character to a face.  Some of us think those lines make us look everything from permanently angry, to exhausted, to miserably unhappy.  Is that the face you want to live in?

Why would you, when there’s such a wealth of new beauty technology at your disposal?  Under all the headings shown above, there are numerous options.  Therapies can be combined to produce a desired effect and tailored to the needs of everyone who wants to minimize wrinkles with little downtime.

At [primary_practice], we’re trained aesthetics technicians who help you look the way you feel.  Drawing on a wealth of collective knowledge, we guide our guests toward treatments best suited to their skin types and goals.  We don’t oversell our treatments.  We tailor them to the needs of our esteemed guests.

If you’re ready to minimize wrinkles with little downtime, you’re ready to book a consultation with the cosmetic clinicians at [primary_practice].  We’ll point you toward the goals you have in mind, with professional service and care.