Medical spa treatments vs. DIY treatments – things you should know

There are many DIY beauty treatments on the market today which are completely safe for use, but you need to know the difference between those and the ones you should probably pass up. The beauty products market is increasingly focused on therapies most commonly found at a medical spa like [primary_practice] MedSpa.

Home facials and mani-pedis were once the apex of DIY beauty, as well as hair removal products. But nowadays, laser hair removal kits and facial peels have entered the market. These might look like a good idea at first glance, but dig deeper and you’ll discover some red flags.

In truth, medical spa treatments vs. DIY treatments is not a fair contest. That’s because you haven’t been trained to use these therapies and tools and because of that, accidents can happen.

Consultation counts.

When you consult with a professional at a medical spa like [primary_practice] about the treatments we offer, we don’t just go ahead with treatment. We sit down with you to discuss the appropriateness of the therapy.

There are many considerations, depending on the nature of the treatment. Different people have different skin types and that’s a key factor. Some people’s skin is more sensitive. That’s why we always ensure that the therapy you’re seeking is a good fit for you.

For laser hair removal, we perform a “patch test”. We test the treatment on a patch of skin as a control for adverse reactions. Many people who choose DIY treatments get excited and skip that step. They forge ahead to the main event and that can lead to permanent skin damage.
Your skin can be burned or scarred. Sometimes, even bleeding may occur. That’s serious. In the hands of someone who hasn’t been thoroughly and professionally trained to use the technology, DIY treatments can hurt you.

When clients ask us about microdermabrasion or peeling technologies, the same precautions are taken prior to treatment. A patch test will determine if your skin is too sensitive, or if you’re allergic to any of the products in play.

There are numerous websites willing to tell you to use products found in your kitchen, but the people running those websites aren’t with you, ensuring that you’re applying the suggested products properly.

Consult a trained professional.

At [primary_practice] MedSpa, we’re professionals who take a conservative approach to medical spa therapies. It’s our responsibility to ensure that what we do here isn’t going to cause harm. We give all our guests the same consideration and caution, because our job is to send you home feeling and looking great.

We’ll never recommend a treatment that’s not right for you.

Because we’re trained professionals, our guests come to us with total confidence, knowing that our treatments and therapies are vetted, proven and safe. We make sure of that.

Some DIY treatments are perfectly safe. With others, you run the risk of damage you’ll regret later. Consulting a professional is always the safest way to proceed.

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