Medical Grade Skincare vs. Over the Counter Department Store Brands

The skincare market is crowded with lotions and potions that promise the moon.  Jostling for market share, they crowd the shelves of department and drug stores.

Every new entrant seems to promise more than the last and so people flock to the latest, greatest thing to test its claims.

Medicine cabinets and bathroom counters everywhere attest to the disappointment many consumers experience, having tried all these miracle skincare supports.  Half empty pots of cream sit abandoned, having been supplanted by something “better”.

And there’s a reason that consumers are disappointed with these products – they’re not as effective as those which may be purchased from a physician.

What’s the difference?

Medical grade skincare vs. over the counter department store brands isn’t a fair fight.  Not at all.

That’s because medical grade skincare contains the highest levels of active ingredients.  They can’t be sold in department stores, because they must be recommended by a physician, with an eye to what your skin needs, on a personalized basis.

Medical grade skincare, like [primary_practice]’s line of physician-directed skincare products, goes beyond the surface of your skin (epidermis) to the dermis (lower layer), approaching your skin as the complex organ it is.

Shelf-life and preservatives.

Another fundamental difference between medical grade skincare vs. over the counter department store brands is preservatives.

Because of modern inventory practices, products are given additional shelf-life through the heavy use of preservatives.  This detracts from the effectiveness of many of them, as they’ve been formulated to withstand varying temperatures (from stockroom to shelf), as well as the time which may elapse from production to sale.

No comparison.

Medical grade skincare, like the [primary_practice] line, contains high levels of active ingredients.  Because these are produced in small batches, there’s little need for the use of preservatives.  That means the product you’re purchasing may cost a little more, but there’s no comparison between medical grade skincare and department store brands, because of the intrinsic qualities of each.

At [primary_practice], we’re a comprehensive facility with your overall wellbeing in mind.  We practice the Gold Circle of Care, bringing our guests everything from primary care, to leading edge cosmetic therapies, to an in-house line of superior medical grade skincare.

We go beyond daily moisturizing, offering our guests a line of treatment creams, brightening solutions and therapeutic eye treatments to make your skin glow with renewed health.

Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled clinicians to discover how our superlative line of medical grade skincare products can support your beauty goals.  The properties of products in the line which interest you will be discussed in detail, allowing you to make an informed decision about how they can help.

Goodbye department store!

If you’re committed to great-looking skin, achieved with superior products, it’s time to say, “Goodbye department store, hello medical grade skincare with [primary_practice]”.

You’ll experience the difference almost immediately and if our satisfied guests are any indication, you won’t be looking back.

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