Laser Treatment Best Option For Varicose Veins

Usually occurring in the legs, varicose veins aren’t just unpleasant to look at, they’re unhealthy.  When veins become enlarged, swollen and twisted, it’s because the valves in the affected veins aren’t functioning as they should.  This means that blood which would normally flow to the feet is impeded and redirected back up to the heart.

So, the bulging and twisting is caused by blood which is pooling in the veins, because the valves have stopped doing their job.  Varicose veins can be painful and have the potential to provoke other circulatory problems.

This condition is generally caused by standing for prolonged periods, so those in professions which involve a lot of standing which is uninterrupted (store check out clerks and nurses, for example) are more prone to them.  Genetics can also play a role.

For those hoping to rid themselves of varicose veins, laser treatment is the best option.  This has been proven in a study involving 798 participants, which we’ll review the results of, below.

UK study

The study was conducted, employing 11 clinics dedicated to vascular surgery.  All the participants were treated for varicose veins but separated into 3 groups.  The first group was treated with a therapy which injects a type of medical foam into the vein.  The second was treated with laser therapy.  The third group had surgery to permanently remove affected veins.

Six months after the procedures, doctors returned to participants to gauge success rates, complications encountered and any changes in quality of life.  The group which had undergone laser therapy saw a remarkable improvement and fewer complications.

While all three types of treatment rendered some success, it was the laser therapy which came out on top in terms of success, reduced complications and improved quality of life.

Especially telling are the findings concerning complications.  Only 1% of the study group treated with lasers experienced complications, opposed to 6% for foam injections and 7% for surgical removal.  Laser therapy was especially effective on larger veins, often the site of varicosity.

At [primary_practice], we look forward to seeing the results of this study after the 5-year mark, as doctors will be following participants to see if the 6-month findings bear out, over time.

Preventing varicose veins

As noted earlier, varicose veins tend to affect those who stand for long periods of time as work, but the condition can be passed down in families.  There’s also a much higher incidence of varicose veins in overweight people.

Varicose veins can be prevented and existing veins improved by raising the feet when sitting, not crossing the legs while seated and varying position from standing to sitting throughout the day.

Exercise is also strongly indicated, especially walking, swimming, cycling and other activities which add more movement to your daily life.


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