Laser Spider Vein Treatment | Minimally Invasive Therapy

Spider veins are an unpleasant fact of life for many people.  Like varicose veins, they’re caused by a backup of blood in the veins, leading to the appearance of purple networks of small veins, resembling a spider’s web.  Pressure in the veins is the root cause.

While they don’t cause health problems and are not viewed as a cause for concern, they can be unsightly and some people who have them are uncomfortable with the appearance of spider veins.

That’s why laser spider vein treatment is an effective therapeutic alternative.  It’s minimally invasive and can rid people of unsightly veins without resorting to surgical solutions.

How Does It Work?

Laser spider vein treatment takes place in a doctor’s office and is usually achievable in just 1 hour.  An Nd:YAG laser is focused on the treatment area, heating up the vein.  A cooling attachment is used to minimize any discomfort.

As the laser pierces the skin, the blood vessel is penetrated.  This causes the blood in the vein to coagulate and the vein to collapse.  Because of the nature of the laser used, a precise dosage of energy is applied.  Due to precision, surrounding tissue is unaffected, but the vein is effectively eliminated.

Within 6 weeks, the contents of the vein are reabsorbed by the body and its scavenging cells and the spider veins disappear.

Does It Hurt?

A local anesthetic is administered prior to treatment to minimize potential discomfort.  You may feel a tingling sensation as treatment proceeds.

As we’ve mentioned above, the laser is fitted with a cooling tip to make the process more comfortable for you.

What Should You Do Before Treatment?

This is a relatively simple treatment, so there are no major preparations involved.  That said, you should avoid exposure to the sun, taking aspiration, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes 1 week before your treatment.

On the day of your session, refrain from using lotions on the area that’s to be treated, as skin products can interfere with the laser’s action.  You’ll also want to dress comfortably, so your care provider has ready access to the treatment location.

Other Useful Information

Following laser treatment for spider veins, you may experience redness in the treated area.  This will resolve in a couple of days.

Treatment doesn’t preclude the appearance of spider veins in other locations, but it does drastically improve the appearance of the area that’s been treated.

Depending upon the extent of spider veins, 2 to 6 treatments are usually recommended, scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Laser treatments for spider veins are not recommended for more complex vein problems, like larger, varicose veins.  For these, you should speak with your doctor about other therapeutic alternatives.


If you’re concerned about the appearance of spider veins and wish to explore laser treatment, contact us.  At [primary_practice], we’re a medically-oriented facility offering primary care, anti-aging and aesthetics services.  We have your total wellbeing in mind.

Spider veins have no health implications, but if you have them, you needn’t live with them.  Let [primary_practice] help.