Laser Hair Removal for Men: Everything you need to know.

Laser hair removal is popular, affordable, and convenient. It’s no surprise many men are trying it who may have hesitated before, thinking it was a female thing or something they would never do. Not all men want their body hair wholly removed, but many seek laser hair removal to thin out hair in the chest and back areas.

How does laser hair removal for men work?

The process is the same as it is for women. Laser hair removal targets the melanin in hair follicles, making them ideal candidates for this treatment. The laser fires light pulses at the hair follicles, like a magnifying glass focusing sunlight on an ant from hundreds of feet away. The heat from the focused laser destroys these follicles and stops future growth so you can enjoy smooth and hair-free skin for months after your treatments.

How long does laser hair removal last for men?

Some men may have permanent results and never grow back their hair in some areas. Others may only remove the hair for a few months. The longevity of results depends on the hair and skin type and how much time has passed.

Is laser hair removal safe for men?

Laser treatments are completely safe and cause no downtime. You can even get treated right before going to work or an event if you need to since it doesn’t take hardly any time at all.

Common laser hair removal areas for men

Men’s needs differ from women’s and have much more hair in general. Most men seek laser hair removal from the back of the neck, back, stomach, chest, and private areas. These are areas that they regularly trim, anyway, and have never wanted hair for the most part.

Do anything men need to do to prepare before laser hair removal?

Your specialist will let you know in your consultation exactly how to prepare, but we do have some general suggestions for any man seeking laser hair removal:

  • Make sure their hair is long enough for the laser to target it. Hair should measure about 1/4” long for the best results. It is any shorter, and it’s harder for the laser to pinpoint the follicle, leaving room for mistakes.
    • Shaving a day or two before treatment is a perfect way to do it.
  • Tanning is a no-no for laser hair removal. Skin exposed to direct sunlight or the tanning bed is higher in melanin content, attracting the energy from the laser meant to remove just the unwanted hair. More melanin is why laser hair removal is more challenging for those with a darker complexion, taking a different type of treatment and other technology.

How does laser hair removal for men compare to waxing?

If you are a man who is already waxing areas of your body, the laser should be a no-brainer! Waxing is more painful and less permanent. You need to upkeep every few weeks or months to have areas of the body waxed, while laser hair removal, in many cases, requires no follow-up visits once the area is finished.

Laser hair removal only feels like a rubber band gently snapping the skin, and it’s not painful. Contrary to that, waxing can be very painful and cause shock to the skin. Speed-wise, you would be surprised how fast a laser hair removal session is.

If you do not want to feel any form of pain or very minimal pain, numbing cream is an option before treatment to make you feel very little if anything, during laser hair removal.

How long does laser hair removal take for men?

In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to complete while the laser hair removal process is completed. A skilled professional can do medium-sized areas like the cheeks in ten minutes or less, making it as fast or faster than waxing in most cases.

Benefits of laser hair removal for men

Less body odor after removing hair

Body hair absorbs odors escaping the body and from external sources - leading the body, especially for men, to smell. Much of this body odor issue disappears when you remove hair from the body.

Less itching

If you are an itchy person, body hair can be to blame. A lot of the itchiness and feelings on the skin are caused by hair. Once this is removed, those issues subside.

Smoother skin

Do you want your skin to be nice and smooth? Removing the hair will do this with ease!

Laser hair removal treatment experience for men

You come into the office for simple outpatient treatment.

A specialist will use laser light energy to kill the root of the hair. This doesn’t destroy the follicle (the starting point of hair growth). That means the new hair can grow in the same place, but it’s hard. So, laser hair removal lasts for a long time.

Each session lasts about 30 minutes. Depending on the area of the body being treated, more or fewer sessions can be needed. Thicker areas of hair like the chest for men can require multiple treatments to see complete hair removal that will last as long as possible.

The Results & Benefits

You will see results after each session in the treated area. For optimal results, it is often suggested to have multiple treatments in the same place. Laser hair removal has become more cost-effective than ever with improvements in technology and energy consumption, so having more treatments is more affordable than it has ever been.

Is every man a good fit for laser hair removal?

Every patient and their goals are different. After the first consultation at our office, a specialist will determine the best treatment to meet your goals for hair removal.

Laser hair removal gives permanent removal of the hair, better appearance, and safe. Finally, get rid of all the unwanted hair and leave behind other hair removal methods!

Men’s Laser Hair Removal New Jersey

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