How Does the Kybella Treatment for Double Chins Work?

Kybella is an amazing, non-surgical treatment for the little pocket of fat some people have just under their chins.

That little pocket of fat, in many cases, is the same one seen in family portraits across generations.  Unless caused by excess weight, or skin laxity in the neck area, genetic makeup is the most likely culprit.

Most people just shrug and move on with their lives.  But some of us don’t like the look of our profiles with that little pocket of fat.  Until now, our sole resort has been to liposuction. While generally quite effective, liposuction is also surgery, which comes with undesirable variables, like anesthesia and the risk of infection.

People Are Loving Kybella

One of the most interesting things about Kybella is that almost 50% of the people coming in for it have never had a medical cosmetic treatment before.

When you think about it, that’s incredible.  It wasn’t until these people found out there was a way to rid themselves of their double chins that they even considered medical aesthetics.  But the thought of having a treatment so simple to make it happen, without surgery, proved irresistible.

The Science of Kybella

What makes Kybella so special is the science behind it. Approved by the FDA in 2015, the active ingredient in Kybella mimics the chemical composition of deoxycholic acid. This is a naturally occurring salt in the digestive tract which helps the body break down dietary fat by destroying the membrane it’s contained in.

Once the treatment area is injected, Kybella acts in precisely the same way, destroying fat cells by eliminating the cell membrane.  The contents of the cell are then absorbed into the body via the lymphatic and circulatory systems.  Over several weeks, this material is eliminated via natural bodily processes, as is the deoxycholic acid formulation.

And once the fat cells have been eliminated, they’re not going to return.  After several weeks, you’ll see noticeable results with most treatments offering results which last up to 5 years.

Swelling Means It’s Working

Most Kybella treatments involve the use of between 1 and 3 vials of the product and as many as 20 injections.  Following treatment, there will be swelling which endures for several days.  This means that Kybella is doing its job but some of the swellings can be attributed to the introduction of the product itself.

Some guests experience minor bruising and moderate soreness, but these effects subside rapidly.

Be prepared to wait to see results.  As the fat which has been treated is eliminated from your body, you’ll begin to see the sharp jawline you’ve always desired.  But be patient.  The good news is that 80% of Kybella recipients saw pleasing results and were much more satisfied with their appearance after Kybella.

Ready to Try It?

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